Monday, July 27, 2009

The Zeke Bear

So I bought Prince-y a teddy bear a while back for Christmas. It's one of those awesome build a bear teddies and I clothed it in pajamas similiar to the ones that Princey always wears. It's rather cute and extremely adorable when he carries it around the house and they are clad in the same outfit.

He also forgot to bring aformentioned teddy on his DisneyLand vacation and I found it today laying on his drawing book on top of his dresser. Naughty, naughty Prince Charming. Ha, ha. Anyway, I nabbed it off the dresser and took it into my room so that I can keep the bear company while Prince Charming is galavanting around Southern California riding rides and eating loads of cotton candy.

So Ezekiel (said teddy) is in my room on one of my bags on the floor. And today for FOOF (Feet Off Of Floor) time during Day Camp, we were at Staff Housing because the place where we are normally supposed to stay is occupied and the runner up place just had the carpets cleaned and pet treated so it basically smells like a litter box. In any case, we all ended up at Staff Housing and we put the girls in my room so they could rest. I told them both that they could play with Zeke if they so desired.

The littlest one, E, picked up the teddy from said location and held him up in front of her face with both her hands. And then she said one of the best and funniest words I've ever heard in my life.

"These kind of look like Prince's pajamas."

I just about died laughing. Who knew that a 5 year old pre-K cute little amazing girl would catch the similarity between my boyfriend and his teddy bear. E seriously made my entire day. And probably my whole week.

It's pretty hard being here by myself without Prince Charming. It's just a different feeling. I'm so used to having him around all the time and seeing him everywhere that to have him gone it just feels kind of empty. But we have a great group of kids this week, and what's even more awesome is that there's only four of them. So at least this week is an easy week.

And on Wednesday we are going to Cat Tails Zoological Park. I'm seriously so excited. Princey told me that while we are there I have to take loads of pictures because it's the exact same week that he missed last year when he went on vacation. So I'll try to do the park justice and take as many pictures as I can.

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