Friday, August 28, 2009

Messy Fingers and a Blind Brain

I swear to you all the first week of school is the most expensive. I've bought so many art supplies I'm beginning to fully understand the term Starving Artist, haha. But I really like my drawing class so far.

We started working with contour lines yesterday. We drew on newsprint paper with charcoal. I'm not really big on charcoal because usually I just draw with pencils. But it turns out that I actually enjoy charcoal. 1) because I don't use it a lot. 2) because your fingers get super messy! and 3) because it's a lot different than pencil plain and simple.

Prince has the same class at a different time - so even though they started out doing contours like my class, they did blind contours of their hands which looked like this:

My blind contour drawings were of the still life scenes variously placed throughout our classroom. My prof was incredably impressed with my second one. I knew I liked drawing, haha. But blind contour drawings look the weirdest out of all of the contour drawings in my opinion. It's because you're not allowed to look at what you're doing.

(the one that Prof really liked.)

I don't like any of the drawings that I did where I could actually look though. But I do think the one of my shoe is slightly interesting. I know my foot looks small - and it is. The shoes I was wearing that day were size 4 1/2 and I'm not even exaggerating a little bit.

Look out world, here I come armed with charcoal and newsprint. I'm DANGEROUS!

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