Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friendly Acknowlegments

So after a mildly sarcastic and very over dramatic texting conversation with Ariel about how aparently all my time is spent with my boyfriend I have decided two things.

1.) I realize that yes, in fact, I DO spend a lot of time with my boyfriend and that yes, it is in fact nice sometimes when I can talk to, oh say, my father, and how about Belle? and lots of other people with out being in Prince Charming's presence.

and 2.) Belle is a total badass. She can be kind of bitchy sometimes, and bit overbearing. She's loud and slightly obnoxious if you're not used to her personality. And she can also be hard to live with because she's slightly inconsiderate of her roommates - but despite these flaws, she is still a good friend. Maybe not my best friend anymore, but she's still someone I can talk to and she will still tell me how it is when necessary because she cares.

Ariel on the other likes to tell you what she sees, but then when you do not automatically correct said ridiculous behaviour, she has it out with you and tries to turn everyone against you because she wants to feel like she is the higher power.

I blame her parents.

Anyway, today would have been lovely hang-out-with-Belle-time-because-you-haven't-really-done-that-in-a-while time and truth be told I kind of miss it, but Ariel overdramatizes everything and now I don't want to go to bed because I'm still upset.

I can't wait for Friday.

It's the fair.

The fair makes everything better.

Besides that, Monday is my birthday. And you know what that means! Presents! HAHAHA. Anyway, birthdays are healthy. The more you have - the longer you live.

So may you all find out who has your back and may you all have many joyous birthday occasions to celebrate with said back-having friends. :)

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