Monday, August 24, 2009

Aftermath of Day One

So my first day of classes is officially over, and to be honest I think I like all of the classes I'm in so far. My science class is for non-science people so it shouldn't be too terribly hard. My ART 205 class is going to be death as far as the difficulty level, but it should offer some great discussions so I'm mildly excited about it.

As far as my studio class goes, so far I don't exactly know what to think about it. I'm pretty sure it will be awesome, but our first project has me feeling a little bit taxed in the creative department. We are supposed to have one object conveying an emotion of our choice and then the space around said emotive object should convey an entirely different emotion. It's not too hard I suppose, but it's not really that simple either. The class is called design processes and while I'm not majoring in design, it's required on the art side of my education major. We'll see how it goes throughout the year.

My education class is going to be interesting also because we have to go out in the community and interact within the community. I also have to pay 42 dollars for a background check to prove that I don't have a record so that I can interact with the chillins. Woohoo.

But the funny thing about today is that I am wearing a Twinlow DayCamp shirt. (No, that's not the funny part yet, okay? Be patient.) And as I was walking to my studio class this random bald guy in shades stops and gives me a double take. At first I was like "wow, creepy old dude. to you I am jail bait!" and then he points his finger at me and asks if I go to Twinlow. I replied with the standard "No, sorry. I work there." As to which he answers "Oh. I own some property on Upper Twin. You from the Rathdrum area?" I informed to his disappointment that I'm not from Rathdrum, but that I've been to Upper Twin and thought it was very pretty there. As we parted ways I called Prince Charming because he was giving me a hard time about giving press to the place in which I am employed.

It made my day - and today is a good day. Not only is it day one of classes in a school that I feel like I honestly never left, but it also is the 9th month that Princey and I have been an official couple. :)

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