Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Week Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It

Life is what takes place when you are flying around at 100 miles an hour and your brain is nine ways from Sunday.

Last week at camp was hell week. And I mean that in the most devlish way possible.

Good thing there was no over night camp last week.

(I might have died.)

You see, we have the regulars. The kids that come back every week all summer. And then we have the floaters. The kids that maybe show up for one week or two. Possibly three if they're feeling ambitious. Sometimes you like them. Sometimes you don't.

I usually do.

Except for this week.

I love my job working with the Day Camp at Twinlow. Love it! However, I have recently found out that there are some weeks I will love more than other weeks and not everything is hunky dory-dory.

When you have five boys who are all cousins and one is five, one is seven and the rest are six, you think you can handle it. They're related. They'll be good friends. Not much work to do. WRONG. Oh so incredibly wrong. I'm talking in terms of you couldn't wronger (bad grammar because those kids have made me lose my mind, I swear).

These boys couldn't be trusted in a room by themselves. They picked on each other. They punched each other. They head butted each other in the eye. We had to seperate them during rest time so they each had their own room. That sort of made the other kids jealous because they wanted their own room too. Until I kindly informed them that having your own room meant you were in loads of trouble - then they were okay with not having their own room.

Anyway, I'm terrificly glad, enthralled even, that those mouthy boys will not be participating next week.

There were some fun moments though. Like the all out Pudding Fight that I did not want to be a part of, where dear, lovely, ever charming Princey decided to slather chocolate pudding on my middle. To make up for covering my jeans in pudding he's taking me to a movie.

Also the extra large slip'n'slide that didn't follow the curve of the hill, so when I tell you that I went off the slip'n'slide, I really went OFF THE SLIP'N'SLIDE. My body will thank me for that after my wounds heal. Ha, ha.

And last night was a big church barbeque at the city park with hot dogs, music, friends, fun and a large game of Lava Tag in Ft. Sherman Park. Followed by a serman, some useless standing around and then off to Dockside for some delectable Gooeys. Oh yes, enjoyable for sure. After that Prince and I headed off with one of his friends to play some video games.

There was some extreme disappointment on Prince Charming's end when we found out that the game we all wanted to play was left in Staff Housing and NOT in my PSP. Did I mention the extreme disappointment? Because it was the second time we had visited said friend with intent to play and had our epic plans thwarted. Anywho, the boys played and I fell alseep on Prince's lap until it was time to leave.

Oh the eventful days of life. I honestly don't think it could get much better...


  1. Haha, that all sounds like fun! I think your relationship with Prince is the sweetest ever. I hope I can find a guy who's both fun-loving and sweet like that.

  2. Sounds like you have such a fun summer.
    Princey sounds indeed very charming.


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