Monday, May 18, 2009

Updated Life Stories From The Girl On Summer Vacation

Holy WOW! I have not posted anything for a while and I have a bunch of new posts on my blogroll to read since I've left cyberworld for the weekend to spend some much needed bonding time with the Prince of my life. We have watched movies, we have been to the beach, we have been to church and we have picnicked on a blanket downtown at the park. We have been to Spokane and we have chatted with both of our families. And it seems that we have been going non stop since I got home Friday afternoon from school.

The move went pretty smoothly. We got all of my dorm room packed away in my grandparents' Denali and my mom and dad's Yukon XL and it wasn't even hard. The Keeper and Prince-y came along with my parents to help move things down to the cars - but according to Dad they didn't work as hard as he was hoping they would have. Go figure. ;-)

Saturday I spent doing household chores in the morning - like mowing the lawn. Then Saturday night I was with my man

Okay, quick side note. I hate verizon. Apparently if you are married a man for 21 years, your name is on the account and the bill comes addressed to you, you are STILL not authorized to call and turn off the voicemailbox that came with your upgrade.

HOW can this be? When my mom is the one that SET UP the account, she has handled everything since the account was created and the stupid idiot phone call customer talker-toer person (man where is my vocabulary right now?) tells you that they can't let you change anything or even discuss the bill with you (even though you pay it on a regular basis) because you are not authorized?

I have a special F word for what I'd like to say to stupid ignorant people like that. I don't understand. You can't explain anything because your grasp of the English language is ZERO and you're smarts are somewhere that even the greatest world explorer known to man kind could not even attempt to begin to locate with his state of the art GPS. UGH. You people make me want to pull my hair out. I don't want to get older and be on my own if I have to deal with stupid incompetant people LIKE YOU. Go back to the warm hole you crawled out of and leave bigger issues, like stupid voicemail boxes, to those of us who understood God when He said "Brains?" and we didn't think "Planes?" and say "No thanks, I'll take the train."



Okay, anyway, the weekend? Shall we?

Saturday night we watched The Keeper's soccer game which ended in a tie, I wrestled with The Keeper's best friend, and we had barbeque for dinner. Delish. Sunday morning the Keeper had another soccer game, so DP, The Mechanic, Prince Charming and I went to church sans the parents - who were at the game.

And then Prince and I hit up Spokane for Prince's much needed aquiration of some new t-shirts for work. After we got back to town, the afternoon was spent being lazy at the beach downtown eating our pizza pockets and consuming our totally-bad-for-you-but-so-tasty-you-don't-care energy drinks.

But after we decided to cease our sun exposure, we headed to Prince Charming's house to watch Terminator 2 and eat grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. Yum.

So thus has my weekend ended and now I'm off for a day with the mother whilst I wait to hear back about my application to the local pottery shop for a summer job so I can buy my much coveted by The Keeper Mitsubishi Lancer - if that's even how you spell it. I don't really know, I just want a car since I had to depart with my beloved Denali Saturday when my grandparents confiscated it for use of toting plants from the nursery to their Spokane Valley home.

Their yard better look awesome. :-)

Anyway, I'm glad to be home. And to NOT have to travel back to the 'Scow for school until late August. *big cheesy grin*


  1. Go back to the warm hole you crawled out of and leave bigger issues, like stupid voicemail boxes, to those of us who understood God when He said "Brains?" and we didn't think "Planes?" and say "No thanks, I'll take the train."

    This made me love so hard. You rock girl.
    Hope you have a beautiful summer break!
    I'm jelaous.

  2. For you:)


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