Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Truth

Sometimes it's better left unsaid.


How is a lie supposed to be comforting? Or protective? Eventually we all find the truth.

But why have a place where I vent my feelings about everything and not be allowed to give actual events for fear of offending someone?

This blog is my take on life. On my life. It's about actions that happen to me. Events in my life through my bias becuase it's the way I see them.

Things are not always peachy keen. My life isn't always pleasant. I find humor in some events that other people don't. I'm tired of hearing about Twilight. I love my cousin. Sometimes I can't bring myself to say goodnight to Prince Charming on IM simply because I don't want him to go. I spell words wrong. But I don't ever fake myself.

And I don't lie. And omitting the truth is the same as lying.

The Truth? Can you handle it? Because if you can't handle the truth, that's when it's better left unsaid. And if you can't handle the truth, then how do you expect to live life? Like everyone's just going to go about their business and pretend like whatever situation you're in is just going to disappear if they ignor it long enough?

I hate standing by when people I love are making mistakes. I want to shake them and say "get over it! you're acting naive." and that's not always my place because of my age and who I am. But sometimes, they just need to hear it. And the truth may end up being an eye opener.

I don't always enjoy everything I do. And I blog about my reactions to experiences and situations and relationships. And if you are offended at what I have to say, or how I feel about something, then stop reading. There's reason to get mad at me, or to start a debate though God knows I love a good argument.

But honestly?

This is MY blog. This is MY life. And if you don't like it or what I have to say, at least have the guts to do some self evaluation and don't blame me for what you don't like. Just because it doesn't please your eyes to read something doesn't make it any less true.

And if I make you mad, then I'm sorry - but I'm not going to NOT say something just because it might offend a certain party. I figure you are all old enough and mature enough to deal with what I have to say about things. And I'm not opposed to opposing view points, but I'm only allowed one viewpoint because I'm just one person.


  1. Visitin from SITS~
    It'd YOUR blog, say what you feel!

  2. Visting from SITS

    And Sarah is right.. this is your place. your feelings. your thoughts. your rants.

    and that may not always be pretty, but life isn't pretty is it? So people should get over and if they don't like it.. they can kick rocks.

    Following you!


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