Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playlist On Crack

I have the strangest taste in music I think. I'll listen to just about anything unless it gives me a headache - then it has to leave. Basically the only music that gives me a headache is that stuff that my friends seem to like - you know, the kind where they don't actually sing but instead they scream at you? Yeah, I can't stand that. I've tried. I don't know how other people can listen to that. Ugh. Anywho, moving right along.

If you notice the music on my page, you'll notice it changes every so often. Songs come and go and you hear different types of music play in your ears. Or you just hate the music and turn it off so my noise doesn't distract you from my AWESOME WRITING SKILLS! Yeah, I know how you all work. I'm not fooled :-)

Well anyway, my new playlist is pretty much on crack. It has Avril Lavigne to Phillips, Craig & Dean. It has Jamie O'Neal and Goldfinger. I mean really. I was going to put some LIT on there, but I didn't know how many people would really appreciate that. It also has a lot of country on it too. I was raised with country music and to be honest, while I can respect that some people don't like it, I don't understand why. I can't imagine it would give you a headache like that screamo stuff does, but maybe I feel the same way for country that my friends feel for nasty screaming noise. :-) Ha, ha.

But if you want to know what type of music is REALLY on crack, just talk to my dad about his Larry Norman fixation. I swear to you, that music goes from happy to sad to wierd to crazy and back again. And the rhyming is ridiculously hilarious. There are some Larry Norman songs on my Crack Playlist if you care to listen to the awesome crack sound. Ha, ha. But there's one song on my dad's playlist and I don't remember what it's called, but there is part of this song where they sing NA NA NA NA NA NA NA!!! And in an effort to mock the song, I sang right along to the amusement of my parents. They proceeded to tell me that I was born in the wrong decade. Yeah, I'm cool.

Dirty 'Gyptians.


  1. Actually, I love your playlist at the side of your page.

  2. I'm a playlist junkie.... I think I'm going to steal that song The Perfect Scene. I'm diggin' it. Thanks! Have a Saucy Sits day....


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