Friday, April 17, 2009

Pushing Daisies

Okay, so they're not daisies. Get over it. Okay, okay, so I'm not pushing them either. But this is all beside the point, people! What's the point you ask? The point is simple. The point is the fact that FLOWERS are BLOOMING and there is NO SNOW!

Those are some flowers in the garden outside the TLC. It warms my heart because I am in serious need of some nicer weather. Prince-y told me yesterday he was wearing shorts. I couldn't have been more jealous. I had to get up from my computer and stand in front of my window. My heart ACHED for warmer weather. First time that's ever happened to me. I think I could have cried. I just want it to be summer already.

And weird story - so I was walking back from English class this morning, and I had just turned up the staircase to head to the third floor of my building, when I pass this guy. He was wearing a blue shirt and a tie and some nice dress slacks. He was dressed like a few other people I have seen come and go from this building, so that's not why I had to do a double take on this particular fellow. No, no, my reason for the double take was what he had wrapped around his head. A black cloth. Right over his mouth.


That's right. A black cloth. At first I was confused, and then I remembered something. Today is the 17th. A day of silence for was on Facebook I think. I don't remember what we're supposed to be silent for, but this guy was really doing it. I'm too narcissistic and I like to talk too much to be silent for a whole day. Besides that I'm coming home today, and I'll be in Spokane with my cousin - Princess M - who is the most talkative 7 year old I know. Okay, so she might be the only 7 year old I know, but STILL!

Oh, and as far as my major is concerned, I think I'm really starting to work some stuff. I am going to switch my major - that is for sure. I just don't have the heart to do all the science credits that a nutrition major would need. So I have been looking at the Art majors because that seems WAY more me than a white lab coat. My mom came up with the idea of teaching because then I could work during the school year and photograph all summer. And I wanted to major in photography because that's what I seriously love.

SO as I was wandering around my school's College of Art and Architecture website I stumbled upon a degree that makes me feel like Hannah Montana. That's right - I would have the BEST of BOTH WORLDS. And you're jealous :-) I know. KIDDING! Well, just kidding about you being jealous and NOT about my awesome Hannah Montana-ness. Because this degree is art EDUCATION and I could put emphasis on photography. Plus if I switch to a regular art major that's a BA so a lot of my classes from this year won't transfer over. But! If I switch to an art edu major, then that's a BS and so a lot of my classes from this year WILL transfer. It's epic I tell you. Epic.

And that's really what's new with me. Now I just need to talk to an advisor so I can get crackin' on this new adventure. So later today it's a long drive to Hayden to see Prince Charming and visit my loves at track practice before heading to Spokane for the weekend to hang with Princess M til Sunday morning. :-)

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