Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 3 of Hell Week

Today I gave my McLintock! presentation in English. Yay for westerns! And if you haven't seen that epic John Wayne movie, I suggest you run out and buy it and watch it because it is amazing. And also hilarious. And it's the Duke, so what's not to like? I mean really.

Then it was dance class where we talked about Tupac and I found out that I have ANOTHER paper to write that's due friday. Just add that to my list of reasons to die.... No, don't! I'm kidding! Totally kidding. I don't want to die. I just am sick and tired of writing all these papers. I suppose though that Freshmen year is all about the paper writing. Whatever. I'll get through it.

After Dance 100 was my Death 143 class..erm, I mean MATH 143. And this week is a test week. So I took our in class portion, which consisted of four questions and then I jetted my butt out of there to snag some lunch before I had to work at 1.

During all this time, I'm plagued with the worst head ache of my life. That I've had since LAST Wednesday. Oy.

But I make it through work. And I get a dollar sixty something in tips. And a pita.

I'm back to the dorm room by 5, veg, shower, and score a whopping 76.3% on my math Pre-test that I took for the fourth time before leaving at 7 to take my actual math test. Where I was lucky enough to receive a 68.8%. Hey - I'm just happy I technically passed. Now, if I can pass the final that will be truly epic. And really ridiculously awesome. Just sayin.

So now that I've told you all about my day - which I'm SURE was at the top of your to-do list, don't lie, I know the truth! Ha, ha. Anyway, it's time to ditch the blogworld for the research paper world and hope I'm able to do a halfway decent job on my presentation TOMORROW morning.


  1. I don't miss that part of school. The papers. The tests. The dollar sixty something in tips. Try to enjoy it. Life only gets harder.(:

  2. Man, husband is in school right now and is HATING the papers! lol


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