Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blog About Nothing

I really don't feel like I have anything too terribly important to say, other than to just update you on my life. But I always feel weird just gabbing on about my weekend/day or so. I feel like I should have an interesting story to relay, or an opinion to tell (even though you probably don't agree with me), or pictures to show you all.

But anyway, my weekend was fine. I went to Spokane Thursday night and got a Denali from my grandparents so I can drive myself back and forth to the 'Scow. My dad said I was spoiled because it's a really nice car. I think I am spoiled - maybe not so much as other children, but more than others also too. As it is, I love driving that Denali. It sounds amazing and it handles nicely. It's really fun.

Saturday I spent a majority of the day the RAIN. I went to my high school's track meet to see a bunch of my old friends. I helped run the girl's pit for pole vault. That was an adventure. I spent four years competing, so I know how the pit works, but it was my first time really on the volunteer run the athletes side. My brother's best friend and I had the clipboard. He called out the girls' names and marked if they missed or passed. I helped call out names, I helped with the standards and cross bars...and this is all greek to you? Anyway, it was fun except for the fact that it was POURING on us the entire time. What was really fun though, was having Prince Charming experience it. He doesn't really know anything about track, and even though he spent the whole time under an umbrella freezing, I think he had a good time.

Then after the girls' pole vault was finished, I loaded up my brother's BFF and Prince-y and we drove to my brother's other friend's house to pick up two more boys. Whew. That is kinda confusing. Anyway, then we headed over to the brother's soccer game and watched the second half. Our boys scored two points close to the end of the half to win the game 2-0. Woohoo! Prince Charming and I spent the entire half wrapped up in a blanket because not only was it still RAINING LIKE NO OTHER but it was windy too. I could hear Prince's teeth chattering in my ear. After the game we went home to get warm and then headed out with my parents on some errands. I went to Prince Charmin's house where we had dinner and watched a movie.

Easter was spent in Spokane at my aunt's house. We had prime rib, yams and asperagus and we had a huge Easter egg hunt. It was nice and fun and good. They had over 200 eggs and there were seven of us kids (yea, I count as a kid. Lord knows I'm short enough to count hahaha). But there's always one egg that is the 'golden egg' and it holds the amazing twenty dollar bill. This year it was mine! :-) Go me!

I feel like I'm rambling.

I drove home in the Denali through the pouring rain and here I am in the 'Scow typing away on my computer when I should be finishing up my homework for tomorrow. But I don't want to do anything. The weekend just isn't long enough and this week is going to be another busy one with a research paper due and a speech to give. I'm really beginning to hate college. How unfortunate.

OKAY so, Prince Charming read my post and told me that I forgot to mention something of slight importance. He told me I forgot to mention exactly HOW we got in the meet - because we didn't pay. I still have my old track warm ups and state sweatshirts. So I dressed in an old state sweatshirt and my track warm up pants. I looked the part :-) However, Prince-y is not an athlete. He didn't have sweats to throw on to look similar to me. Lucky for him I brought the top to my warm ups just so he could wear it. Ha, ha. This is because we are both poor college students and can't afford to pay to get in. Besides that I know practically everyone and we were going to help with pole vault. Anyway, the warm up top fits him, but just barely. However, I thought he looked ridiculously cute it in and it's further proof that he should wear more blue and less brown. :-) So there you have it - my act of rebellion for the weekend. ha, ha.

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