Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beginning of Hell Week

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday is the most ignored day of the week. Nothing really ever happens on Tuesday.

Except this week.

You see, Monday only gave me two classes and was a breeze really. I worked on my paper for German Film some, I took my math pre-test. I talked to Prince. Now Tuesday on the other hand - Tuesdays just suck. I mean, they rock, they totally rock. *dramatic eye roll*

My alarm went off promptly at 7:00 this morning and I didn't even think about cracking my eyes open until 7:12 when I finally realized what that horrid noise was that was blaring nonstop in my ears. Thank you Breaking Benjamin for Diary of Jane. What a pleasant song to awaken me in the early morning when I am groggy and feel like hibernating.

Then I realize that today is Tuesday. Hell Week has started. Today is speech day. Shoot. My eyes zing open and I jolt out of bed. YIKES! Freezing. I hop back underneath the covers and formulate my plan of attack. Shivering, I casually extend one arm bravely out from underneath the warm covers to lift my precious laptop up to my bed. I pop it open and turn it on because I need to put my speech on my flash drive so I can print it out. Frikk. Flash drives ruin my life. Where is it? In my backpack on the other side of my insanely freezing dorm room. Crapola.

Debating my next move, I decide the faster I get the flash drive, the faster I can be warm again. So I set the laptop at the foot of the bed as I sit up really fast and jump to wear my backpack is laying on the floor. I rifle through the front pocket where my fingertips blindly feel around for that all too familiar string and voila! I grasp the flash drive and jump back under my covers that are still nice and toasty warm. It is now 7:20. Uggghh.

I put my speech on the flash drive and then close my laptop. I decide to roll out of bed, put on some nicer clothes because I have to give a speech at 9:30, turn on my flat iron, brush my teeth and put on makeup. It's 7:30. Time is moving too fast. I straighten my hair, empty my backpack and place the things I need for the day inside, and put on my socks. The light peering in through the window is not as bright as usual at this time of day, so naturally I wonder if it's overcast.

Looking out the window, I am instantly downheartened. It's RAINING! Just my luck. Just my frikken luck. *overdrawn sigh*

I'm so sick and tired of wet and cold. Weather - yous and mes need to have us a little sit down heart to heart about how you've been acting lately. Where is this global warming I hear so much about? Where IS IT I ASK!!!???

I pull on my sweatshirt and slip on my shoes. Grabbing my phone, ID card and slipping my backpack on my shoulders, I nab my flash drive off the counter and head down to the basement. The time is no 7:37. I head down to the basement to print off this darned speech for my class. I don't feel like waiting for the elevator, so I take the stairs. Everytime I go up or down the staircase here at school I always picture myself falling or tripping and hurting myself. I don't know why, but that's always the image that comes in my head. So I look down at my feet and hang on to the handrail for dear life.

I get to the bottom of the stairs without tripping, and head for the door which is usually open, but at this particular time it is shut. I pull on the handle. Nothing. It's locked. "You have GOT to be K-I-D-D-I-N-G ME!!!" I say to the invisible crowd that follows me around on a daily basis (aka myself). I roll my eyes, huff, and figure that this is just my luck. I head back up a different flight of stairs that will take me to the lobby outside Bob's where the door to the rainy, wet, cold, freezing, unfortunate weather is staring me in the face and laughing.

I put my hood over my head, shove my flashdrive in my pocket along with my cell and ID card and make my way outside. By the time I get to the tower lawn I'm contemplating on how I'm going to give this speech without the print out. It's a manuscript speech. We have READ it. And then I think about how there are printers in the TLC. Are they free? Well, I have my vandal card. Let them charge my vandal card. I need this speech. I mentally give myself ten thousand demerits for not having printed it last night as I ask God if this is punishment for procrastination.

Well, I check my phone. It's 7:40. I still have time to find the printers in the TLC before class at 8:00. I never thought I could write so much about my life in a 40 minute span. But those Tuesdays - they are tired of being ignored and now out for the kill. So I finally get to the TLC and I wander up some stairs to where I think the printers are located.

Finally I get a lucky break because two computers are open. I log on, stick in my flash drive, open Word and print out my speech. I also checked my vandal mail in hopes that maybe one of my classes got cancelled. No such luck. More like wishful thinking. Ha, ha. Anywho, I take my manuscript and head off to class where I hear a bunch of people present about film in different countries. I never knew that Canada had such a long history of film and that they used documentaries to get people to move to Canada. They also have the most government funding for making movies out of practically any country. And also Brittain is a close second to Hollywood for movie production while India is starting to creep up there.

And I'm still waking up.

Class gets out at 9:15 and I leave the room with 15 minutes before speech time. I haven't even read my manuscript out loud yet - I've only typed it. So what do I do? I decide to head upstairs to the computers and mess around before class. Only my plan is inhibited when I spy Sir Justice talking to a fellow comrad on the staircase. We talk until 9:25 when I decide I should get to class.

I am the last speech of the day.

And I NAIL it. Professional Winger. That's what my title should be. Forget Full Time Student - that's just my cover.

I get back to my dorm room with a half hour before my Psych class. I'm starving, my pant legs are SOAKED and all I want to do is go back to sleep. I change out of my black pants I was wearing to look "professional" for my speech and pull on a pair of blue jeans with the prettiest back pockets ever. And I'm wearing a red shirt and my black tank top that Prince-y loves. Oh if he could only see me now. Ha, ha, ha.

I don't feel like venturing back out into the cold rain, but for Psych we are finishing up our three part research screening today, so I have to be there. Otherwise I might be tempted to skip. Yeah, I know. I'm terrible. Moving on....

It turned out beneficial not only because now I get credit for participating in all three parts of the screening, but I got the answers to at least two questions that will be on our final. Go me! And now I have the rest of the day to take my math test, work more on German Film Reasearch paper and be lazy.

And I have no more chocolate muffins.



  1. I'm so sorry your having headaches:( I hope the movement is helping! ((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))

  2. "I can do all things through Christ [fn] who strengthens me."

    One of my favorite bible verses:) You just keep moving and God will do the rest! Have faith above all else:)

  3. Somedays are just crazy.. These are the days where you ask yourself "why didn't I stay in bed today?" Good for you that your speech went that well!


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