Saturday, February 7, 2009

There's Nothing I Love More...

Witty conversations, funny one lines, hysterical conversations. I eat it all up. Funny or Serious? Well, I'm going to go with funny. Things that make me laugh are going to keep my attention better than something that's serious and monotone. It's a simple fact, really. Like Ellen and Gladys - I love Jesus, but I drink a little.

Having a conversation with something and saying the best most wittiest one liner just cracks me up. Or talking about something completely ridiculous with someone else just makes my entire day that much better. Having a hysterical conversation with someone means I will be thinking about it all day.

An M and N IM convo:
M: Hiiiii :D
N: look who it is!
M: who?
N: i don't know. i don't actually see anyone.
M: shame. not even tyler?
(tyler is the stuffed bear that sleeps on my bed with me.)
N: he's being squished by a pillow at the moment, fighting for his life
M: awww, sad
N: the pillows are relentless. he doesn't have a chance
M: save him!
N: eh, i don't know. it's mildly entertaining
M: you're sick and twisted
N: what's new?

A: You're just mind lexdistic. So when you speak, it comes out right, but you're just thinking it wrong.

lexdistic = dislexic
As in, when life give you melons you know you're dislexic.

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