Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Reserve The Right

To change my opinion whenever I want or feel like it is necessary.

To hate certain subjects in school.

To mess up.

To have bad hair days.

To do what I want to do when I want to do it.

To be wrong.

To be right.

To laugh at something that isn't really that funny.

To dance in the rain and get a horrendous cold afterward.

To just be myself.

I reserve the right to let myself be myself and not worry about whether it is or isn't correct. Because something is only right or wrong because someone else told you it was that way. Because society says so.

The sky is only blue because that is what you have been taught.

My pillow is only purple because it's the word society uses to describe the color of something.

I want to be funny. I want to be serious. I want to be heard. I want to be read. I would LOVE to have a post with 70 comments. 70 comments! Seriously? I really saw a blog the other day during my cyber wanderings that had 70 COMMENTS! WHO does that? Really. How do you become cool enough to have that many people feel the need to tell you something they thought? I'm jealous a little bit. But just a little bit.

I don't think my writing is particularly funny - I think I'm funnier...(more funny? what's grammitacally correct here...I got nothing...) in person. I mean, it's very rare that my own writing makes me laugh - well okay, to be completely honest here I have to say that it's just plain hard for writing in general to make me laugh out loud. Usually I just smile and sort of chuckle to myself. I think situational humor though is way funnier than a scripted line - tho I do enjoy my fair share of those.

Oh, also I'd like to know why it's a bad thing to laugh at your own joke? I suppose if you were the only one laughing in a room full of people tho - maybe that would be a little embarrassing. However, maybe the joke is really funny but you are the only one with an awesome enough sense of humor to understand it. Suppose it's just an airplane joke to everyone else. What a sad world they probably live it. How tragic.

Okay, I think I'm done with my rambling. This post is a little random...and I'd apologize sincerely, but I'm not really sorry. I also am reserving the right to be spontaneous and random and my epic self. Because I am epic, darn it!!

Random Fact: Poppies are my favorite flower, but lillies are just as good. Tiger lillies are even better. My mom likes Carnations and K thinks roses are overrated. Me personally - I've only ever been given a rose twice and therefore K and I disagree on the overrated "fact" because I think they are special. I suppose though that the specialness relies more on the situation and less on the flower.

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  1. Tulips are my favorite flowers. Almost any color, but particularly pink. Tulips make me happy.


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