Thursday, January 1, 2009

This Semi-Charmed Kind Of New Life

Welcome to the year 2009! Welcome to the snow and the hope of summer coming to rescue you from all the cold. Welcome to the month of resolutions and newly perchased gym memberships. Welcome to the month of 'no sweets' and 'eating healthier.' Welcome to the month of 'i want to remember my next thirty years.' Because that's how long it usually lasts - a month. Maybe two. But most people peeder out after a while. There are the lucky ones that can make the change, but face it - we are America and we are lazy. But we fully enjoy our laziness and our awesome procrastination skills!!

I don't typically make new year's resolutions. Simply because 1) I can never remember them and 2) I think it's pointless....because I never remember them! So this year I have resolved to not resolve. I think setting goals for yourself is a good idea, but some people just weren't built to be goal setters. I have my own little goals and things - namely to survive college and save up money this summer so I can have my OWN car. But to me, these aren't new year's resolutions because I've had them before the new year started.

But the whole resolutions thing is only a part of the new year's celebration. The other part, and what everyone lives for, is to stay out until midnight. Some people light fireworks, some people watch the ball drop, and some people ring in the new year on a public bus headed back to a parking lot so we can leave before the rush of traffic.

I spent last night walking around the streets of Spokane at the First Night celebration. I don't understand why they call it First Night though, to be honest. Because it's really the Last Night of the old year. If they wanted to celebrate the first night, the party should be tonight instead. That would make more sense to me. Ha, ha. But they don't live to please N, so I'll just have to deal. Whatever. It's not that big of a deal anyway. :-)

It was fun, and I was distantly reminded of being back in Germany. Taking public transportation, listening to music on every corner, walking around town with tons of other people in the streets - it's all very fun and interesting. There's all sorts of music, from street DJs, to electronic harmonicas, to folk songs and simple accustic melodies. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

We decided to head back to the parking lot and skiddaddle out of town before there was a big rush of cars and everyone was trying to leave. So we caught the bus and started to head back to the car. There were some premature firework displays that we could see from inside the big bus, and E notices the time on his phone. 11:58.

"We're not gonna make it to the car before the new year," he says. So we 'count down' to the new year from out seats on the bus. Two minutes later E shouts "happy new year!" so the whole bus can him. Couples kiss, people kind of half cheer, and then the bus pulls up to the stop outside the parking lot. We exit the bus and the first fireworks of the year greet us for a whole minute. It was beautiful.

happy new years!


So now I'm going to start this year with my semi-charmed life and my thoughts and my feelings and my self. And I'm going to party like there's no tomorrow because I am so epic that it's totally legit. Fact.

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