Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Epic Battles With Ketchup For Blood

This morning was pretty awesome, I must say. For my movie class we had to make a short film today. Ours is called "The Traveling Pen" and I have to admit, it should be amazing when it's all complete. All the shooting is done, and we're editing it tomorrow. I'll get to view it on Thursday when I have class again.
This film is about a pen and how the pen travels from place to place hitching a ride with different people along the way. And I only just realized today how much of a role I had in the film. I was in most of the scenes, which makes me smile.
First, I find this awesome zebra striped pen laying in the hallway. Really, who doesn't want an epic zebra striped pen? So anyway, I take this pen and I go up some stairs, into a store. One of my friends is working the counter, so I say hello and absent-mindedly place my pen on the counter. Then this thief comes in and holds up the store. The guy takes my pen off the counter along with some money out of the till. Oh the outrage!!
So I follow him out of the store to get my pen back. We have an epic fight scene. I throw my hand toward him, pointing my finger is his direction. He gives me a look that says "And what do you want little girl?" So I give him an angry glare. He points his gun at me, and I'm caught a little off guard. But I regain my composure and kick the gun out of his hand. It flies across the hallway. He pulls my zebra pen out of his pocket and holds in the air like he's about to stab me. I grab his wrist of the hand holding the pen and go to punch him in the face. He ducks out of the way and I end up spinning 360 degrees. When I'm facing him again, he plunges the pen into my juglular vein and I collapse on the ground.
Okay pause.
He stabbed me in the jugular vein? That's ridiculous.
Okay play.
So I'm laying on the ground, dead and bleeding profusly. Okay, okay. So I'm not really bleeding - it's ketchup. But it's hilarious. We have one scene left to do and since I'm now dead and can't move, I can feel the ketchup sliding down my neck as we're filming the last scene. It's slimy and cold. The ketchup drips from my neck onto the ground underneath my head. It was one of the weirdest feelings I've ever experienced. But hopefully it was a convincing proformance. We better get a good grade. We had a fun time shooting the film. :-)
And all this happened before breakfast! I'm just a busy girl. Ha, ha, ha.

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  1. Yesterday you're a hero; today you end up bleeding ketchup. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! Who needs T.V.?!


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