Tuesday, June 17, 2014


What do I even say on here anymore? I thought once I had started my summer vacation that I would have plenty of things to write about and then, well, here we are. Postless. And writing about nothing? What is that. Oh yeah, that's my life.

I was laying in bed last night, unable to fall asleep, and all my brain wanted to do was write. But my computer was in the living room and that was just too much work - so I stared at the ceiling and invented dialogue for a fiction story.


"Come va?" he asks, in Italian. How are you?
"Cosi-cosi," I reply. Alright. This has become our little game. "Y tu?"
"Molto bene!!" he says with a certain gusto. Very well. All five of his fingers on his right hand are pinched together and he's making a sweeping motion with his arm that is so stereotypical of Italian non-verbal communication. We crack up and fall backwards, landing softly beside each other on the bed.

His dark eyes sparkle as he looks over at me, his face wrinkled with heavy laughter. He shifts his gaze away and then back to me, the expression of his features changing suddenly, becoming more serious than I had anticipated. I expect him to kiss me, but instead he says, "MOLTO BENE!" again, almost at the top of his lungs this time and then collapses back into a deep laughter.


But that's all I can remember before I eventually drifted off to sleep. It's been a good long while since I wrote anything story-like. Mostly I just cover the non-events of my life and actually those just go by unnoticed most of the time.

I'm tempted to write posts like my cute little almost sister-in-law. The Highs and Lows of recent times. Or maybe just the highs. Then every paragraph is about its own event and there you go. But even though it works so wonderfully for her, my brain does not post like that.

So you're stuck with this nonsense. Hashtag sorry not sorry.

This is the life of a girl who cleans a lot and doesn't write about the things she does when she's out of the house. Did you know there is an event here called Car D Lane (a play off Coeur d'Alene in case you were confused) and it's an antique car show. Also, I went there with Nathan and my roommate and her boyfriend. We took our picture by this beautiful Stingray and then posted the picture on Facebook saying "look what we just bought!" as a joke.

I'm fairly certain most people think we actually bought the car and the humor was lost on them. Which actually made it funnier for me, because I'm a teacher and Nathan and is a teller at a bank. A new car? Especially an antique new car? HAAA. But then I remember what kind of country America is and maybe it's actually a believable story anyway? Who knows.

Well, my coffee is cold now. Natalie out.

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