Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The weather is beautiful outside...but I can't bring myself to leave my room. I've been inside a classroom mostly all day with a changing group of snarky teens every hour. They don't leave me alone, these teenagers. They always want something and they ask a crazy amount of questions - some legitimate and most incredibly stupid. And then I drive my twenty minute commute home in traffic filled with people going under the speed limit and over the speed limit and taking eight billion years to find the gas pedal after the light turns green and people who act like they're racing dragsters. 

And I came home to the dirtiest kitchen full of dishes that are mostly not mine and I said forget it, I'm going out. 

So I went back into the traffic of drivers who don't know how to drive and I went to Ross. I tried on some new summer skirts in the dressing room with a mom and her two girls. Her young son was also in there and he was whistling, whistling, whistling. He would not stop whistling. I don't know if you've ever been in a large dressing room before, but whistling is not conducive to a good time trying on various articles of clothing. Actually it just made me want to strangle the little boy because my head just couldn't take it any longer. Finally they left. 

And he continued to whistle throughout the store. 

So I thought maybe I should get some food because maybe I was just hangry. But then I remembered the stupid dirty kitchen. And I remembered the stick skinny little high school runners at the track meet yesterday and how I really wanted to rid my stomach of its insulation and then I went "hey, look! Wendy's!"

And that was that. 

So here I am, on my bed, window open, and I don't want to go outside because there are people out there. And they might need something. And at this point in the day I feel very much like Michelle on Gilmore Girls, spoken with a quirky french accent:

People are particularly stupid today. I cannot talk to any more of them. 

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  1. This is...incredibly relatable :P


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