Friday, June 7, 2013

no more pencils no more books no more teachers dirty looks

Yesterday was the last day of school. It was totes crazy sauce, as the children say. Also, I spend way too much time around high schoolers.

The last day of school was incredibly bittersweet. The boys were absolutely nuts in the gym, pushing each other like little girls. I had to be mean to them! On the last day of classes! I mean, what the heck! But I think they were just overly ready to be out of there and headed into the land of no homework filled with days at the beach in the sunshine - and who can blame them? I mean really. Shoot.

So today I went back to school for the last time this school year to help clean up and organize that jungle of an art room. In the midst of the chaos the floor was covered in colored construction paper and tissue paper. It looked like a rainbow threw up, I am not kidding. And I ended up throwing away massive amounts of garbage including but not limited to magazines from 1975, wrinkled and ripped up paper, art project examples that were older than dirt, and broken ceramic projects.

At 2:10 I needed to leave so I could pick up TheSeester from her last day of school and it was the weirdest to say good bye. I don't like good byes. They are sad and a little awkward and do I hug you or do I not? And I never feel like I really express good byes well. Especially if I'm really never going to see that person again - I don't know how to handle it. But I managed and I made my rounds and I walked out of that building excited about next year but oh so ready for summer vacation.

Tomorrow we leave for Honduras. We'll be gone eight days back in Tegucigalpa building a house for a family who works in the trash dump. We're starting off the trip with a visit to AFE and the trash dump and some sight seeing to buy souvenirs I think? And then the rest of the trip will be all about nailing boards together in the shape of a house, bonding with our Honduran work buddies and eating delicious food. Big things are gonna happen, folks. I can feel it.

I haven't even started packing yet, though. I mean, I am a last minute packer lately. I used to get so excited about taking trips that I would pack way before I needed to, but as I've gotten older I've also gotten lazier. No one was shocked. Packing usually takes place around midnight the day before I leave. That's also sometimes when I start the laundry too. I like to live on the edge.

And I'll try to blog every once in a while from the hotel, but mostly just follow me on Instagram (@natakeit90) for picture updates! Yessssss.

I leave you with this picture of one of our dogs. He likes to lay under the dining room table. 


  1. Have fun on your trip!

  2. Have an awesome time in Honduras! Hope you'll blog about it when you get back ;D


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