Monday, May 6, 2013

macklemore, the ren fair, and other some such things

This weekend was crazy, let me just tell you. First there was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on Friday and good gravy that was a really fun concert. Oh yes. Lots of fur coats and fist pumps. 

TheBoy and I went out dancing after the concert was over and there were these three guys standing in line in front of us who were absolutely hilarious. Good gravy I do enjoy hanging out with that boy (who insists that he is a grown man, duhh) and he kissed me on lips right as we got in line to get inside the building.

"Did you two just get married?" This one guy asks. TheBoy and I look at each other and laugh, because really.

And then he says "What's the matter? She's pretty! Have you thought about it?"

"Well, I've thought about it-" TheBoy starts to answer. By this time I'm probably nine shades of red embarrassed.

"What, is he not handsome enough for you?" the guy asked, turning to me.

"Oh he's plenty handsome," I answer. If there is anything I like about that boy I'm with, he is probably the handsomest. And also one of the sweetest. I think he's just great. I kind of really like him a lot more than I had originally planned.

"Well, you two should get married," they tell us, laughing. I don't remember the rest of the dialogue that occurred between us and them, but it was funny and I've been laughing about it to myself for days. Some people's kids.

On Saturday was the Renaissance Fair where TheBoy promised the best caramel apples of my life. I was a bit skeptical, but interested. And also, I was not disappointed. Those apples were delicious! And the Renaissance Fair, while highly unauthentic to the time period, was really fun.

Tent after tent filled with everything from wheel spun pottery to handmade jewelry to knitted slouchy hats and scarves. Probably I could have walked around it all day. I felt lonesome for Art On The Green in Coeur d'Alene which is a very similar affair but on a much larger scale.

Unfortunately it seemed that before I could blink the weekend was over and it was Monday morning. Monday mornings are the worst, plain and simple. I hate leaving M-town, like, it physically hurts when the alarm goes off signaling me that it's time to get up and go.

To counteract my ever increasing case of the Mondays that literally makes me want to cry, I decided to curl my hair. I think it was worth it.


  1. Y'all are adorable, just so you know :).

  2. Just discovered your blog, and love this post. Enough to comment - which I guess I am doing right now :)


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