Friday, October 12, 2012

it's time for pumpkin and things

It is starting to get cold here in Idaho. There is ice that begs to be scraped off the windows in the chilly mornings where you can see your breath. No longer are the halls filled with shorts and t-shirts, but instead pants and long sleeves. There are even some winter jackets making their way into everyday attire.

On the plus side, I pull articles of clothing out of my closet and think "oh! I forgot I had this!" And today! Today I wore a scarf. It's officially fall. Scarves, pumpkin, candles, blustery weather and colored tree leaves. Autumn is in the air.

I fought it for as long as I could, folks. I did not want to say good bye to that gloriously warm weather and my awesome summer tanned skin. But unfortunately, it had to be done. So now that fall is here, I am embracing the long sleeves. I need to buy some good boots. Yes.

TheSister turned 15 yesterday. She is OLD. And by 'she' I mean 'me.' How did my baby sister get to be a pretty young woman? I mean, even with the funny faces we are making she is flat gorgeous, right? Right. Hot dang.

I had to call the mom of one of my students. Not because he is doing an outstandingly amazing job in school and I wanted to brag about him, but because he's not. I get a lot of resistance from him when I try to push him to do the assignments. He seems to think that all drawing is is line work and he never wants to put any value in anything. Actually he just doesn't want to put any effort into anything all. Which makes me sad because he has a lot of artistic ability and if he'd just apply himself he could create some of the best artwork in the class.

Kids these days.

On a semi-related note, October is the busiest month ever. I have to apply for teacher certification, complete my three lesson plans for the TPA, film myself teaching, write a reflection on my lesson and the student work produced from that lesson and turn everything in. And deal with this problem student. And apply and interview for a part time position in our school's library that I can start doing at the end of my student teaching if they hire me.

It would be a perfect fit if I end up teaching art there part time next year too. Half my time spent in the library and half of it teaching art. Bliss.

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  1. whoa... you've got ice already? it's chilly here, but it sounds like you're slipping into winter! stock up on the hot cocoa! =D


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