Thursday, September 13, 2012

because you needed to know

Student teaching is amazing. I can co-teach with a very capable woman, who I am coming to appreciate more and more each day I spend with her, and I can manage the classroom and be an authority figure as well. I have to admit that it was definitely weird at first not being called Natalie but instead Miss Mylastname.

My students are fantastic. I don't have any real trouble causers, but I do have some students that require way more attention than other students. Which will definitely always be the case as long as I'm involved in any sort of classroom. And honestly? Even though it's incredibly satisfying to watch any of my students 'get it,' it's way more fulfilling when you have worked long hours with a student and you see that click. That beautiful little 'aha' moment when the gears turn in their brains and you watch them put pencil to paper or hand to clay in a way that they haven't before.

This semester is only a couple weeks long, but already it is proving to be one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. I'm making connections with my students and getting more involved in their projects, as well as their lives. I definitely see students from a different perspective since I'm not one anymore. Well, a high school student anyway.

And while things in the academic world are going well, things in the home life aren't too shabby either. We're painting TheKeeper's old room so I can move into that and give my parents their bedroom back. We decided to go with teal, and even though that was an endeavor all it's own, it looks like that's finally getting wrapped up. After a trip to Moscow this weekend to see TheBestFriend and TheBoy I'll get to move my furniture into the freshly painted one and finally (finally!) be able to settle in to my house.

And since I mention TheBoy, can I just show you how awesome he is?

I came home from school and found these beautiful flowers on my kitchen table. I almost died. That kid makes my heart melt. I had to call TigerLily and show her because those flowers! They are the best. And I knew she was probably the only other person who would understand just how much I loved those pink oriental lilies. I mean, I practically melted into a puddle on the floor. Best surprise ever.

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