Tuesday, August 28, 2012

and so it begins

I never imagined I would be here. Well, I mean, I did, but also I didn't. This is my final semester of college and in the grand month of December I will wear a black cap and gown with a gold tassel and receive my bachelor's of science degree in art education.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, you know. There is still a lot of work to do before then.

I have been working in one of the high schools in a town around twenty minutes away from my house. My mentor teacher is pretty much amazing and the more time I spend with her in the school preparing for the upcoming semester the more excited I get. Which is kind of a big deal since I was almost too nervous about it to function at the end of last semester.

The most amazing part is that there is a part time art position opening up at the high school next year because one of the teachers is retiring. And do you know who could be in line for that job? That's right. You guessed it! This girl! What?

I know.

The faster time goes by the quicker I'm slipping into adult world. It's already incredibly different to be on this side of the school system, but don't you know? I'm so used to being a student and being required to follow the student rules that the fact that I am no longer bound by them is still something I'm getting used to.

You mean I can actually answer a text in class and no one will threaten to take away my phone? What is this madness! Not that that gives me permission to abuse the privilege and ignore my students in favor of my phone conversations, but I don't have to convince my parents to go pick up my phone from the vice principal lest I get in trouble.

But that's really not the biggest thing, I mean, even though I'm excited about that. Mostly because I feel naughty replying to a text message or answering a call inside a classroom. I'm sure that will get less weird with time, but I'm still not quite there yet. But the biggest thing is that here I sit at almost 22 years old and I'm going to be teaching children.

Think about that for a second, if you will.

I am frequently asked what grade I'm going into this year. People mistake me for a freshmen in college and it's no exaggeration when I tell you their jaws drop once they find out I'm not only not a freshmen but I'm also about to graduate. I just feel like the fact that I look like I'm still in high school is going to be something I'll have to overcome during the course of my student teaching.

My wardrobe should help fix that. And my attitude. So we'll see how it goes. I'm excited about the actual teaching portion, but I'm not excited about all of the hoops I have to jump through to get certified. But on the plus side, job offer!!

The only downside to accepting this job offer, if it is indeed offered to me in the near future is that I'll have to move closer to that school which is farther away from The Boy and where I wanted to be. But at the same time, you know, real big person job! With salaries! And things!

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  1. Yea for last semester! =) I'm a junior, but still have lots of people assume I'm a freshie... which at times can be annoying.


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