Wednesday, January 4, 2012

i am awesome, hear me roar

One of the youth leaders at our church built a rock climbing haven in his basement. I have been there twice, climbing along different trails and doing things of epic proportions that no mere mortal would be able to conquer. But being awesome runs in the family, so there you have it. So does modesty, I promise.

TheKeeper's college roommate is here for a visit, so he tagged along too as well as another good friend. We were distracted from the holds on the walls and didn't do a ton of actual climbing this time because we found holds that were suspended from the ceiling with ropes...and well, we used them for more interesting things like dangling upside down from one arm rather than for aiding our mad climbing skillz, yo.

We finished the day up with some delicious Panda Express, with the orange chicken and mandarin chicken and a side of chow mien, please. And just in case you were wondering what the Panda has to say about such matters as love and romance, here you go:

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