Monday, December 26, 2011


Merry Christmas, bloggies! I know I'm a little late but I have been so busy going here and doing this and visiting them that I haven't really had time to sit down in front of a computer for longer than a couple of minutes. I got to my parents house Tuesday and it's been pretty much non-stop action since then. Which I have loved every second of!

I spent time with Ariel and Zelda the night I got into town and then I followed that up with time spent rock climbing like a boss with TheKeeper and Mimurz and then I had a movie night with all my lovely ladies from summer camp! I feel like I have watched more movies in the past week than I have the entire semester! And I have to tell you, if you have not watched the movie Short Circuit, you need to leave Blogworld right now and go watch it. You can thank me later. (It's on Netflix, if that helps.)

In addition to my seemingly endless stream of movie watching, we did take time church it up Christmas Eve and spent Christmas morning chowing down on the ever elusive monkey bread (made dairy free by mom so I could eat it too!) and skiing to our hearts content at Schweitzer.

I got a telephoto lens for my camera and awesome beyond all reason skull crusher headphones. I bought myself an iPhone 4 so I've been using my 40 dollars of iTunes credit to buy some new songs. On top of that awesome stuff I also got a new helmet and a new pair of ski boots just because my dad loves me.

My mom got a pizza stone, so we're using that tonight because if anything, this is a pizza family. Except now I eat mine without cheese.

All in all though, Christmas this year was a total success. I can't wait for new year's!


  1. A telephoto lens? Sounds great! Merry Christmas, Natalie!

  2. I'm glad you had a great Christmas. Enjoy your time off! :)


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