Monday, September 19, 2011

Alone Time

Today I flipped my painting upside down. And then I made a business logo in Adobe Illustrator using a tape measure and the letter D for inspiration. After that someone very important picked me up from school and bought me subway because he is awesome and shall someday be introduced to blogworld (but not quite yet).

And then I came home and watched Gilmore Girls for 5 hours with my roommate.

Gilmore Girls is a show I used to watch with my mother at random times of the day whenever we would catch repeats of old shows. I loved the wittiness of the writing. I loved the bond between Lorelei and Rory. I loved the drama and the little traditions and the way their crazy town worked. I loved the characters and the stories. And Zelda owns all of the seasons, so I have been watching them with our other roommate for hours on end.

But around the end of the fifth hour of being completely engulfed in GilmoreLand, I needed a change of scenery. I have been surrounded by people all weekend and all day today. It seems as though I hardly get any alone time at all lately, and my brain was starting to melt. Plus, I've just not really been feeling like myself lately.

I disappeared from the living room for a bit, took a shower, played a card game on my phone, and laid in my bed in the dark admiring my five dollar glow in the dark skull rubber bracelet. But as I lay in the blackness of my bedroom I was overwhelmed with this crazy need to do something spontaneous. Have you ever felt that way? Like if you don't get up and move you'll just explode?

So I got dressed. In jeans. And I put on my makeup and I texted my somebody-very-important that I was about to embark on an adventure and he could come with me or forever hold his peace. Well, I decided he would hold his peace when I became impatient for him to answer me. I briefly pondered just leaving my phone in my room and taking advantage of being completely by myself, but then I decided that wouldn't be a very good idea after all.

Fifteen minutes later I found myself in the WalMart parking lot in Pullman, eight miles away from where my apartment is located. I was free to walk around and pick stuff up and stare at cheap silver jewelry for a lot longer than normal without having to worry about what anybody else was doing or thinking or what have you. And I would have bought a cheap silver piece of jewelry except that somebody-very-important told me I should hold off on that because of some person named Santa who may or may not be coming early this year.

So I wandered through various other parts of the store before contemplating this issue of food. I need to buy groceries, but I didn't bring a list since I hadn't really been anticipating shopping for the edibles. And what didn't help at all is the fact that I was starving. It's a bad idea to walk around things you consume when your stomach is making all sorts of protests about being empty.

I don't even eat oreos, but suddenly I felt compelled to purchase every box on the shelf! I quickly ran away to another aisle before the snack food could whisper anything dirty in my ear.

But after I fended off the oreos, nothing else looked good. I walked by the produce and I thought about how crazy it would be of me to buy a pumpkin. I don't know what I would do with a pumpkin this time of year. All I could think about was scooping out his insides and carving a face in whatever was left of him.

So I headed for the checkout line with my bottle of acne wash when the tank tops were calling my name. And we all know how I love me a good tank top. And woe! But these beautiful cloth creations were only three dollars a piece and tell me please just how am I supposed to say no to a three dollar tank? It just simply can't be done. I bought two and I was almost going to buy a third one when I caught myself sweet talking to a really cute black shirt with three quarter sleeves and I decided I should probably go.

A can of pringles decided that it needed to go home with me too, and what could I do? He needed a good home and my stomach was being very persuasive.

All in all I say this was a very productive adventure. And sometimes all that you need to feel better is a little alone time and some new tank tops.


  1. I definitely understand this alone time you speak of.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! That sounds like so much fun! I know what you mean, sometimes you just need to get out and do...well, whatever presents itself :)

    Can't wait to hear about this special someone ;)


  3. I would have never been able to fend off the oreos. They've been a good friend to me. Glad you enjoyed your little shopping trip!

  4. I love Gilmore Girls. I have the first six seasons on DVD (I'd get the seventh but I want the complete box set).

    And I agree. You canNOT say no to $3 tank tops. Impossible!

  5. :) Love this post. I totally get this alone time too!!! And...gilmore girls...I love you even more after reading that!!


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