Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where Is The World Headed?

I'm glad I'm not in Kansas right now. Do you want to know why? Because of this guy.

If there's something I'm passionate about, it's art in the education system. Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or a scientist or a famous mathematician, so why do the people in charge of the education system think that's how it should be run? Also, if we're trying to compete with Asian countries' education systems, why are we cutting the budget anyway? Mind = boggled.

Also, in addition to art being part of the education system, I think it's everywhere. And this Kansas guy just cut the whole state budget for the Kansas Art Commission. I mean, seriously? What I really don't understand is why everybody has to hate on art. We all enjoy it. Have you ever been to a museum? Have you ever been to a gallery?

Have you ever watched Bob Ross on television? Do you have paintings in your own home?

I just don't understand how math and science can be valued more than visual, performance or musical art. Without those creative outlets we would live in a highly boring world full of people with no imaginations. We're essentially cutting off the hands of our populations by taking away funding for art (and education!). I just don't see where this guy gets off shutting down state funded art programs. Does he even really have any idea the impact of that?

And then to say he's setting a trend and hopes other states follow his lead?? How utterly rude and assuming of him. I'd like to slap him upside his dumb political infested head and ask him just exactly what's wrong with him. 


  1. LOL!!!! M watches Bob Ross almost every day! "It's 9:30 Mom - Bob Ross! That's Art! Counts as school!" LOL!!!

    Somebody needs to draw a happy little tree for that dude in Kansas.

  2. I read about that douche bag governor of Kansas this morning. I can't believe he thinks that it's such a great thing her did, and that everyone should follow suit. What a jerk. Art is important!!

  3. I second this! And I love how you put it in the last paragraph =D lol!

  4. So he's proud he cut funding for education?


    It's a sad state.


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