Monday, June 27, 2011

don't be scared

say hi to mr. turtle! 
(a picture to help comfort you as these changes take place on my blog)

I know! I know! The place is looking a little different around here, I moved the sofa, bought a new floor rug and some matching throw pillows, a little potpourri, the works. You may have also noticed the new name? Do you like it? Please say you like it. 

It took me forever to decide on a new name. I contemplated taking a poll, but then I wondered how many people would actually comment? And then would I hurt anybody's feelings if I didn't pick their suggestion? And then I decided that I needed to eat some chocolate chip cookies while I tried desperately to conjure up a name that wasn't overused, too cliche, and still managed to sort of convey what I am all about. 

I started by looking up idioms. Lots and lots of idioms. I liked "Rolling With The Punches" because I have to learn about how to do that, I like "Show Your True Colors" because I like to think I'm not fake here on TheBlog. But really, all the idioms I looked up didn't seem to make the grade. Though I was reminded of quite a few that I will have to figure out how to put into regular blog conversation. (No room to swing a cat? Come on! That is priceless people. Priceless.) 

But then I realized that all of the idioms that I actually liked using, we all about this whole idea of being yourself. Combined with the whole idea of trying to find out really who I am since the big split with PC, and I figured that I needed something deeper than an idiom. So I started looking up quotes. 

I found love quotes and inspirational quotes, but then I clicked on the encouragement quotes and found all sorts of good things. Quotes, I felt, were a little too long for a title though. But I found just the perfect one that went with the design I already had in my header. 

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the master calls a butterfly." ~ Richard Bach

So there it was. The quote that perfectly matched the design and the idea of the blog. Now I just needed a title? And lo, but where would I be without a title? So I mulled over different combinations of words and nothing was really doing anything for me. But you know a caterpillar turns into a butterfly and then has to figure out how to be a butterfly. There's all this new stuff that goes along with it!

And well really, when you put it that way, who does that sound like to you? That's exactly what I was thinking. 

So look around a bit, peek through the stuff on the walls, have a look at the pictures, try out the new sofa (but don't spill anything on my new red slip covers!) and chow down on some pop corn - it's extra buttery, just for you. 


  1. Hello you =) I just happened to find your blog and yes, I do like the new name and the richard bach quote. IT fits in according to your explanation. nice and snug =)

  2. Your turtle reminds me of a sidebar application that has a couple of turtles following your cursor if you click within the square. I don't know where you can pick up the code, but that would allow people to occupy their time while you are doing some house cleaning.

  3. You made a good choice :)

  4. Lovin' the new "furniture" Natalie! =D

  5. Wow! It's been a long time since I've commented (being in China has really made keeping in contact hard) but a lot has changed! I hope you're doing well and I'm looking forward to catching up. :)

  6. I like your new title. It's very appropriate.


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