Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's A Process

I had to paint ice cream. Well, first I painted the ice cream cone before class started so that it would be dry by the time I had to paint to actual ice cream.

Then, as we were painting our ice cream, naturally the ice cream decided that melting all over the place was a fantastic idea. And so then my painting just had to evolve and change with the ice cream.

It's a little more difficult that one would think, painting ice cream. Especially when it's three different colors all rolling around and melting together and getting all up in each others' business.

Towards the end of the painting process, my ice cream more closely resembled some sort of thick soup rather than delicious chocolate/strawberry/vanilla goodness.

It transformed from a ball of ice cream into a puddle, and I had to put in a background to show where the ice cream was collapsing.

This was an Adventure with a capital A if I've ever had one.

And the final product:

Mmmmmm tasty.


  1. Great! Now you've got me craving ice cream! And there isn't any left in the freezer! ;)

  2. This is so great!!! The background really makes it pop. And neopolitan is my favorite! :)


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