Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Put The Spring In Spring Break Please

Oh but wait, that spring will come when I leave tomorrow on my trip to Arizona people! Arizona! Do you know what that means??


I could not be more excited if I tried. Really.

I have been on spring break this week, and so far I have been having a total and complete blast. Saturday I spent on the snow covered slopes of Schweitzer mountain with my dad, The Keeper and The Mechanic. We tortured each other's souls and skied our hearts out.

I converted to skiing last year, after having been a dedicated boarder in the years prior. I hated to give it up, but because of my ankle, boarding was literally just too painful for me to continue with. Because I was a gymnast, I did a lot of tumbling and flying through the air. All that constant pounding on my joints took its toll, and now my ankle bones in my joint are very loose, which means that I don't have very much control of that joint and a lot of pressure aggravates it.

Snow boarding boots also don't offer a lot of ankle support, so I had to wrap my ankle with athletic tape and pop pain killers like a crack addict. All, really, to no avail. Dad got the bright idea that skiing might be easier for me because the boots offer more support, and well, since then I have been in ski boot bliss. I don't have to tape my ankle anymore, and my pain killer ration has gone way down.

And, as an added bonus, I no longer want to cry and stab myself in the foot anymore, so, well, crisis averted.

Plus, being able to enjoy a beautiful day like it was on Saturday is worth making the shift from boarding to skiing. I had a whole afternoon of snow ball fights, down hill races (which I always lose without fail) and boys. It was an adventure, and really, who doesn't love adventures?

Then yesterday and today I went...dress shopping! Can you just believe it? I am not a dress wearer, really. Dresses don't let you do cartwheels or sit criss cross applesauce on the floor or climb trees or ride bikes and really, it just wasn't my style.

But now that I'm getting older, I'm finding that dresses really might not be so bad after all. I have yet to really start incorporating this fashion statement in with my every day wear, but I'm not afraid to go look for some cute ones anymore. And also, having lost near 15 pounds really doesn't hurt one's ego when out in the grand department stores.

Beautiful right? And I look pretty good too, huh? Haha! But really, I spotted this dress from across the room and walked right up to it and picked out my size. I had a feeling it was probably going to be the dress I bought, but then I had to grab other dresses just for funzies. Because, hello people, what fun is dress shopping if you only try on one?

And holy wow, I just looked at that picture of me, and my calves! Behold their beefiness! I just can't believe it!


The DP got a dress the day before, kind of a shocker that our dresses are the same cut but different fabrics. I kind of like it that way though. Because we're going to be the cutest kids on the block, next to Grandma. And Grandma's only cuter because it's her party - you know how that is. She's adorable anyway, so we really have some stiff competition as it is - I mean, where do you think we got our good looks from anyway?


  1. Have fun in Arizona!

    PS - you look smokin' hot in the dress. ;)

  2. Hope you had a wonderful spring break! Cute dresses! :)


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