Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today I rolled out of bed at the lofty hour of 9 o'clock in the morning. It was great. But it was so great that I wished I could sleep longer, except for the fact that I only had twenty minutes to get ready. I really should quit pressing the snooze button elebentybillion times...

And then, I went to the closet and decided which of my new pairs of jeans I should wear today. I have three new pairs. Size 27 which is equivalent to a 5 in Junior sizes. I haven't been this skinny since high school. I pulled out a pair a dark washed jeans and one of my new spiffy white camisole tank tops that I got for free with my denim purchase and then I got dressed.

I headed out the door after appropriate brushing of the teeths and piling on of the jackets because hello? There is totally snow on the ground right now. Winter decided to make an epic come back - much to the dismay of my cute shoes and thin sweatshirts. But it's okay.

In class, I played teacher today. We led a craft, making Renaissance Masks in my Elementary Art Methods class. It was a blast, by the way. We tore through scrapbook paper, got handy with the glue and glitter, introduced ourselves lovingly to the massive amounts of brightly colored feathers...

And then it was time for a brief break, and being the awesome friend slash barista that I am, I offered to run and get coffee drinks for my other two co-pretend teachers today. I didn't have a lot of time, so I just ran real quick over to the Admin building where Nick let me behind the counter and him, Texas and I all danced around each other trying not to get our respective elbows in each other's faces all while managing to pull shots and steam high quantities of moo-juice.

Just when I was ready to head back to class and deliver the caffeinated concoctions things got rough. I decided it would be a really great idea to try and open the door while I was carrying three drinks - two of which were stacked atop each other.

The blackberry mocha, oh! It was horrible. Quite a tragic story really, and with a baby at home too! It just up and decided to suicide all.over.the.floor. And my shirt. And my pants. And my arm!

I just wanted to cry. I didn't have time to clean it up or make myself another drink before I was supposed to be back in the classroom to be fake-teacher again. Nick told me to just go and he would clean it up, so I left. I was so mad at myself! And I really looked cute today too, I did.

I came back to class and handed my pretend teacher friends their drinks, while I found my sweatshirt to wear over the coffee stain that now inhabited the area of fabric currently covering my right boob.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why today smells like blackberry mocha everywhere I go.

After class I went back for a raspberry tea. Much safer.


  1. It is a scientific law - if the coffee is going to spill, it is going to leave a stain on a boob. It's just a fact.

    But I'll bet you smell yummy! :)

    Now go eat something!

  2. lol! I know I shouldn't laugh! But I will anyway! :D It's a good thing you smelled like blackberry mocha instead of something... disgusting though. I love raspberry tea! Glad that one worked out for you!

  3. Sorry you spilled coffee on you! That's never fun. Raspberry tea sounds yummy though.

  4. That. Sucks.

    I would be so mad at myself. I hope it washing out.


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