Friday, January 28, 2011

Shocking Similarities and Future Hope

I smell like coffee. But that's probably because I just worked for five hours making coffee drinks and being surrounded by coffee smelling things. I love the way that coffee smells, even if I'm not super big on how coffee tastes.

Prince Charming would always, always, always remind me of how much I smelled like coffee when I would visit him after my shift ended. He is not a coffee person. But between you and me, I think he kind of liked how I smelled when I came home from work.

I haven't seen Prince all day. But we've been talking off and on. Deciding when to meet to give stuff back to the respective owners, who will ultimately come away with the PS3, which as of now is in limbo joint custody. Poor kid. We'll have to send him to therapy. He will have mommy and daddy issues the rest of his gaming life.

But mostly, I've figured out, through some prodding and poking, that Prince Charming is either just as sad about this break up as I am or maybe even more so. I didn't expect that from him, and to see it in writing (texts and IM) was a little more than shocking to me.

You see, I remember when it was him who did the breakage the first time we went down this road. And it was me who was slowly dying a painful death waiting for him to come back around. I don't think things will happen the same way they did last time, but some of the things Prince told me he was feeling just echoed of my earlier heart cringes, and I don't know if that made me feel better or worse.

But I do feel for him. I'm sad that he is sad. I'm sad we have to go through this, but I think it's for the better even though honestly I have moments of doubt.

A lot of things are going to change in our lives. This relationship was a big thing (two years!) and for it to now be so incredibly different, is somewhat akin to culture shock, I think. Things that I used to do so comfortably now are not in the cards at all. It's going to take some getting used to.

And there are things I miss that I really don't want to miss. Things that I wish I could still do that now I can't. But it will get better. Eventually maybe we could be friends again. I hope that we can be. Someday. It would be nice.


  1. You may be able to be friends again but trust me, you want to fully heal from the breakup first. Sort of like cauterizing the wound so it stops hurting.

  2. OK, I just about spit out my coffee reading about the "gaming life" situation!!! LOL!!! That's my girl! :)

    And that PS3 is totally yours. Seriously.


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