Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Procrastinating? Not Me!

Oh but do you just know how difficult it is to avoid focusing on that one thing that you know you should be doing right now, but oh, but wouldn't you just rather skim blogs and facebook instead? And then, inevitably, reading your favorite bloggers past blog posts and reveling in her extreme wit while wishing that you could only ever write half as interesting of blog posts as her, you are overcome with the need to write your own blog post albeit the fact that you feel as though you have absolutely nothing to write about?

I could tell you that yesterday I visited for about three minutes tops with my printmaking instructor to show her my framed piece of artwork that I almost thought was doomed and then saved again and then doomed again all to have my lovely father zoom down to Moscow with his trusty power tools and help me get this thing fixed for good-sies. She told me I have a B in printmaking for the semester. I earned it, I believe. And I'm happy with that grade.

And then in all of my hungry B earning glory, I called my mother. She was with my daddy and on their way to Las Vegas for a something or other something to do with work. They were about to head through the security checkpoint at the airport, so we hung up and I got a raspberry iced tea and fiber one bar (the chocolate kind!) to tide me over.

I took my tea, my snack bar, and my frame back to my room where I proceeded to study for my art theory/history exam that was to take place at 3 that afternoon. My art theory/history class is most definitely the toughest class that I am taking this semester. There's just something about art theory and history that makes me want to shoot myself in the face and possibly lock myself in a corner huddled on the floor whimpering.

And just about the time that I had started to look at all the pictures I needed to have memorized (artist, style, date, title of work, etc) my brother texted me! And can't I just tell you all how very much I love my brother? He is a giant dork. And also one of my very people. He texted me asking if I wanted a Blu Ray copy of Despicable Me.

Uhmm, yes please! You don't even have to ask.

And right after my phone relayed the good news back to TheKeeper that yes-indeed-that-sucker-is-mine, my fingers called attention to the good Prince Charming, who was delighted that I was happy even though he's not a fan of the Despicable Me (and what am I going to do with him anyways? Not liking Despicable Me! Humph).

Then three o'clock rolled around and I had done just about all of the studying I could do, but for this class it is never enough! Never enough I tell you. And somehow I always seem to study the wrong things. Things I think are not important somehow always are and then things I think are very important for some reason never even get mentioned. Oh the luck I have. Seriously. So I decided to study the things I thought were not important as well as the things that I thought were (just in case!) And then, I left to take my test.

Six slides of pictures, fifteen multiple choice questions (plus one bonus) and then five short answer/essay questions (plus a bonus as well). We only get fifty minutes for this test and I almost never get all the essays completed. So that makes five out of six essays answered, and that's usually not too bad.

But I always feel ridiculous when I can't answer an essay question! But oh how these are the most difficult essay questions on the face of earth! Always asking you about these people, and what these people did, and how these people influenced the Bauhaus or Modernity, or did they use modernity in their artwork? And people! People, that is all loaded into one essay question! My brain! It just melts you see. There's nothing I can do about it!

And when I arrived in class, it was three minutes before the test was supposed to start, just me and my black pen. And oh, but there was no where to sit! So I just stood in the corner forlornly looking out at my usual classroom area code and wishing upon wishing that I'd arrived sooner. Until the guy that I usually sit next to took pity on my pathetic staring and decided to share his table with me. I breathed a sigh of relief and settled in for the long haul, but folks, let's just say these kinds of exams are exhausting.

To be sure, also, I am taking another art theory class next semester! With the same professor! Oh how these difficult tests just haunt me, they really do. I feel like I will never escape!

Then, to relax, after I was finished I walked to Prince Charming's room whereupon I found him playing video games and being grouchy at the fact that he was hungry. It involved, but was not limited to, him being angry at the video game, me talking to other people, me being bored, me doing laundry, and then we ate dinner and Princey held my hand.

Now, I'm by myself in my dorm room procrastinating on my Ed 302 take home final because I find it of utmost irrelevance and completely irritating to say the least. But, on the flip side, if I get it done today that means I can turn it in tomorrow after my math final and that in turn means that I get to go home. And when I go home I will get to be introduced to Prince Charming's parents' new white German Shepard puppy dog named Olive who is just about the cutest thing ever.

Now, if only I could find my motivation...


  1. I liked your blog but you should find a way to make just the dark part behind your text darker. I find your background distracting. x_x

  2. I am the Queen of procrastination, and it is the worst disease ever! Yes, I say it's a disease... because it makes you act against your best interest. It's like the opposite of survival instincts. Seriously...

    I rather being doing anything... except what I should be doing. It's ridiculous.

  3. I'm currently procrastinating when it comes to packing. I'm moving on Saturday and I still have a bunch of empty boxes sitting around me.


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