Sunday, December 19, 2010

Drink Of The Week: Raspberry Vanilla Tea

I am hooked on this drink. It's bad. I make it all the time, and I usually make it iced (but its delicious hot as well). I know you all think I'm crazy for drinking iced tea in the winter time, but for whatever reason I just like it better that way.

I also like my teas a little sweeter, so this drink can be pretty sweet, or not so sweet depending on your personal taste. Also, instead of the usual 16 oz size (or medium/grande depending on where you go) I usually drink this as a 20 oz drink. Teas are generally a lot cheaper than lattes, and also not as heavy to drink so I can drink more of it.

For a 20 oz Raspberry Vanilla Iced Tea here's how it goes:
1 oz vanilla syrup
.5 oz raspberry syrup
steeped Stash brand wild raspberry tea
ice (to liking)

If I make this drink hot, I add about a quarter inch steamed 2% on top. I tried it with soy, but ultimately didn't like how that turned out. I'm going to assume that skim milk would function about the same as 2%, so if you're into the white water then have at it. :)

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