Thursday, December 2, 2010

On Love

Today Prince Charming had a bit of a crazy meltdown. I'll spare you the gory details, but in my attempt to console him, I did what every girlfriend should do and told him that I loved him.

He stopped and looked at me and flatly asked me, "Why!? I'm crazy."

And well, what do you say when someone asks you why you love them? It could be because he's a kind, caring, and genuinely loving person...who can be a bit a emotional (the way all artists are) and a bit bipolar (the way all normal people are) but who still has a good heart. He just spends a lot of time being stressed.

"Because..." I started slow, thinking of just what to say to him, "Princey," I said, "Princey, do you know something?"


"Everybody is flawed. There is not one person in all of God's green earth who is perfect, and if you are looking for perfection you're never going to find it. You can meet somebody who's nice, but you don't really know them. Once you spend a few years with a person you find out that they're completely nuts. And how can you have a real honest to goodness relationship with someone if you don't know just how crazy they are?"

And then we went into WinCo and bought Oreos and milk.

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