Monday, December 6, 2010


Today has been emotionally draining.

After I cleaned up all of my suite mate's crap and dirty clothes that she likes to leave as presents for other people to move, there was the obvious confrontation. It's not my job to pick up her stuff. I shouldn't have to ask her to do it. Everyone else manages to keep their stuff in their rooms.

She was defensive, naturally. Making like it was a ridiculous request to wish for a clean living room, and laughing at me about it. Things were said and done from both parties that shouldn't have - but such are the consequences of high emotions. Tears over my chicken ceaser salad with craisins. What's not to love? The conflict is still not totally resolved and I think it will be a little while before all the awkwardness is behind us, but honestly I'm tired of putting up with her bras displayed for everyone to see upon entering our suite. And I'm not the only one.

And then after dinner I teased Prince Charming a little more than he was willing to take, so an argument ensued followed by my running away to the local coffee shop for an hour. Apologies were made, forgiveness was granted, and Wendy's was purchased as a late night snack.

I still have some homework to do, but you know when you're just in too much of a funk to focus on anything and you just won't be okay until you've written everything out? That's how I feel at this very moment. My mind is just teaming with thoughts about various things that happened - almost none of which I am happy about except that the living room is finally clean. Although only God knows how long it will stay that way.

It's like today is just a bad day. You have those every once in while - everyone does. Like, even if not everything was horrible, it just feels like it was. Like nothing went entirely the way it was supposed to and at the end of the day you're just in this mood that you can't really describe and have no cure for.

Usually what helps with days like today is soft cuddles and someone to tell me that I'm really not a bad or horrible person, but I haven't got either of those today. Maybe tomorrow will be better, you think?


  1. Tomorrow is -almost- always a better day. :)

  2. I hate days like those, but tomorrow is a new day!

    And your roommate leaves her bras out in the common area? Seriously? Jeeze..

  3. Chin up. Bad days suck.

    My roommate accidentally spilled water all over her laptop and now it won't turn on. Not good. That could have happened to you!
    And before finals, a dead computer is NOT good. Not good at all...


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