Monday, November 29, 2010

You Wanted To Drive This Winter? Ha!

Do you know what I love about Moscow in the winter time? Not the roads. You see, this is because no one in Moscow understands plowing.

You want to turn left? Forget about it.

You need to change lanes? Oops! Too late!

You wanted to park on the other side of the road when you got to work? Tough toe nails, punk. You're screwed!

Who's stupid idea was this anyway? What's the point of having a berm of snow in the middle of the road? Three laned roads now only have two lanes and forget it if you are in the wrong one because now you're stuck there.

You have to figure out how to get places only making right turns except for at stop lights because turning left is downright impossible. And the other problem to this is that a lot of roads in downtown Moscow are one way, so basically it's a big F U to all the people out there who would like to maybe park in an open parking spot that they have to figure out how to cross a giant snow middle finger to get to.

The only reason I can figure out this waste of a plow job is because there's parking along the side of most of Moscow's streets, so instead of plowing the parking spots as well they just plow all the snow into the middle of the road. Which is by far the stupidest thing I've ever seen.


  1. Yeah that's a pretty craptastic plow job. I think you guys have more snow than us here too.

  2. In the picture it looks like the car is parked on the sidewalk. Except it isn't the sidewalk...

  3. OMG. This makes me never want to live north of Texas ever. We don't know how to handle snow at all so we just kind of cry and whimper and don't do anything except sit inside all day until it melts. Do you think your profs would buy that excuse? haha.


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