Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Natalie's Been Doing Instead Of Blogging

I was 'Natbat' for Halloween. I had mixed reviews on thoughts about my costume, but in the end, I liked it. And that's all that matters! 

I worked Halloween night, so there was no party wild nights for me. There was a family that came into the shop dressed as the Incredibles and one of my coworkers was a lovely Carmen San Diego. She had a brown wig, red trench coat and everything. It was awesome. 

Prince Charming came in to visit me wearing his creepy wooden mask he bought at a street fair this summer. It was shocking to see him walk through the door with long black hair and tusks sticking out of his hooded Twinlow sweatshirt. 

Prince Charming and I have been hanging out a lot with one of his friends from VTD and his girlfriend. We do a lot of "double dating" aka hanging out at their apartment playing video games, eating dinner, and going on WinCo runs. 

The other night I was craving lasagna, so I commandeered the kitchen at Prince's friends house (who really needs a good blog name, but I can't think of one at the moment) and I cooked us dinner. I didn't have all of the usual ingredients, but it turned out delicious and there were no leftovers.

And in my world, no leftovers = huge success.

Then I went to Zelda's on Wednesday for our annual Criminal Minds hang out night, where we baked these delicious goodies:

And then we decorated them for Halloween even though Halloween is over. We just weren't ready to decorate for Thanksgiving quite yet. We also watched episodes of Castle before the new Criminal Minds was on.

Aren't they cute? Those are the ones I did. I don't have a good picture of the ones that Zelda decorated, but hers were probably more awesome than mine, haha. I was too wrapped up in the show to really get into the decorating. 

Also, I've found some interesting stuff this week around town. I had to go to Moscow Building supply for some plexiglass for my printmaking class and while we were there we found these bad boys, but we didn't purchase them, so I can't tell you if they taste good or not. 

I didn't want it to magically turn me into a commie, so I just took their picture. 

 In my building this sign is posted on the doorway. I'm pretty sure it belongs on Fail Blog and not on the main entrance to my place of residence.

I just have to ask though, what does Chilly taste like?


  1. Your bat costume was very cute and very unique, I did not encounter one single other bat this year (or ever, i think?)
    The cupcakes were very cute!

  2. Mmm. That lasagna looks soooo good.

    PS: I want some of that Leninade. Haha. That's hysterical.

  3. Your costume is adorable!

    And the food looks tasty!


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