Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nat The Bat

I can't say that life is slowing down at all. I can't say that I'm not as busy this week as I was last week, and I can't say that it looks as if things are going to come a full stop any time soon. I'm hardly in my own room since I spend a lot of time with Zelda and Prince Charming. Or I'm at work. Or I'm print making. Or I'm out buying art supplies for print making. Or I'm with Prince Charming at his friend's apartment.

I've been so busy, I feel like I should post more, but just taking time to sit and read all the blogs I have to catch up on after not being at my computer for a couple days, and checking email - I just get tired, and then I have nothing to write about because my brain is on sleep mode.

I don't even update my facebook status that much anymore.

Le sigh.

What I have been doing though, besides math homework, printmaking and sleeping, is colored my hair. Instead of my delicious blonde locks, I've gone brunette for the winter. Prince wasn't so keen on this idea at first and I had to bribe him with a chocolate milkshake and French fries before he finally consented. But now he doesn't hate my dark hair anymore, so it's a win/win for me.

Also, today I bought my Halloween costume. For eight dollars. It's just bat wings, a headband with bat ears and these weird arm glovette thingymabobbers. I was originally going to pick up a similar package, but with ladybug designs because my nickname forever and ever before I was even all the way born was NatBug. My oma calls me Bug, some of my friends call me Bug, my parents, although rarely now, still call me NatBug.

But the sad part is, when I went to the store to retrieve the kit, they were all sold out! I rummaged around the store crossing my fingers and hoping that something else would strike my fancy. I marveled at the spider headbands, and the spider earrings. The skull hair clips. The necklaces. They were all very wonderful and Halloween-y, but they just weren't me, you know?

So after being fed up with the masses of inconsiderate mothers (yes, mothers. I was so mad! You'd think grown women would behave like grown women but I find that is not case), I booked it down the mall to a different store.

Hot Topic. If you don't know what Hot Topic is, then let me explain a little about it. I hardly go in there because they always play death metal screaming music that gives me the utmost of headaches, and also because they have a lot of goth-y vampire trend items that I don't really care for. But whenever I do decide to venture in amongst the hipster emo wannabes, it's usually because I'm looking for some more nose studs. Or in this instance, a costume.

There in the front of the store was a rack of little simple costume kits - just what I was looking for. I didn't figure they would have a cute little girlish one that I had been after because of the type of store I was in, but I figured they would have something. And they did. There was a panda one that looked absolutely nothing like a panda but was still cute, a raccoon, the stereotypical 'dead bride' ensemble, and a bat one.

Strategically placed in other locations were costumes of more expensive get ups like princesses, nurses, and Alice in Wonderland variations, but none of those interested me. Some were too slutty, some were too expensive, some were just too....weird.

So back to the simple kits I went. Raccoon? No thanks. Panda? Doesn't even resemble the cute fuzzy animal, so that's a no. The dead bride? Just wasn't feeling it.

And then it hit me. You see, I was going for the "NatBug" look with the idea of the other costume, but then, admiring the purple sequined stripes on the black bat wings inside the clear plastic bag, I remembered another nickname that was given to me.


The only person who calls me that is Prince Charming. We are on, and have been on, much better terms for the amount of time that I want to say equates to a month, give or take. We've had one little upset in the entire month of October and it was only for a less than a day, so yes, I would say things are in a much better place than they have been in months.

And also today, at 11:34 in the morning, while I was work I received a test message from dear Prince-y Poo that made me smile to my core, so in the end, I just had to go with the bat costume. For sentimental reasons as well as the fact that the costume was A) not too expensive, B) not too overdone since I'm only buying it because I'm working Halloween night and I have to dress up, and C) I was quickly running out of other options.

So, costume in hand, I waded through the massive amounts of college students to the back of line, where I stood for a good fifteen minutes before making it up to the counter to pay.

Now if you'll so kindly excuse me, it's getting late and I still need to do laundry. I've been wearing this same pair of socks for days and it's driving me crazy.

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  1. I bet you looked cute!

    Glad to hear you're on good terms with Prince now. :)


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