Thursday, November 11, 2010

What The Future Means For You, Blog Readers

I'm thinking that writing for the sake of writing is a good idea. It looks better and better the more I think about it. Do I need a purpose to write? Does something have to be interesting for me to discuss it in public forum for all the people in the world and their brothers to see?

Does a blog post need to be relatively thought provoking? All the time?

Can't someone just simply come into the blogosphere and remark "The sky is certainly blue today"? Because I think you can. I think it's justifiable. Do I want one sentence blog posts? Not necessarily. Have I read them? Can they be interesting? Absolutely.

But today, the sky really is very blue. With slight cloud-age and a bit of wind. It's beginning to act like November, but there's still no snow on the ground. For now, I'm most certainly okay with this. I don't like to walk to class in the snow, or walk to work, or be outside trudging around campus in canvas shoes because it suddenly snowed and my boots are locked safe and warm in my room.

I'm contemplating starting a "Drink of the Week" ish like thing to post on my blog. I've decided to post more about my artwork. Not so much as to showcase the pieces of art themselves, but to just talk about art. Talk about art theory, talk about processes, talk about colors and lines and shapes.

I'm looking to sort of revamp my blog.

Maybe I'll write some posts that are fictional, just to develop characters and express myself in a different way. I did write a fictional piece once for MamaKat's Writer's Workshop and it got a good response. I have always been tempted to write more, but never really felt like the timing was right. Never really felt like people would understand it was fiction unless I talked about it before the actual post. Well, here I am talking about it, so no more excuses.

Also, I'm just going to write what I think. About everything. I'm not going to wonder if you are interested in the topic or how well it can relate to whoever the 9 of you are that actually read my blog, but I'm just going to write it. And we'll see how it goes.

I'm done feeling trapped by my blog. I'm breaking down walls, fences, and buildings. I might possibly use C4 and an grenade launcher to help me out a bit, but I'm going to do this. I'm going to change my blog. For the better.


  1. Whoop! Love it! I started doing this a bit more the past several months, even moreso this past week, and it's so refreshing to have it be like a journal that other people can comment on and support you. It's wonderful, really.

    Also, I loved hearing about your art. And seeing it. And drink of the week sounds legit. :)

  2. Never ever be someone else than you. And even my posts on my blog do not always have a purpose.
    But you know, it is your space do what you wanna do.


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