Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Shave November part 1

(day 13)

I don't know if you've heard of No Shave November, but it's a tradition for the college aged male population and this year Prince Charming is participating.

He's the type of guy to shave at least every three days, sometimes two days and sometimes four, but mostly three. Usually when he hits the third day he starts complaining about how itchy his beard is and how he needs to shave.

So we bet him 100 dollars that he couldn't go a whole month without shaving or complaining about it. If he complains, he gets 50 cents deducted from his total 100 possible earnings. So far, it's been 13 days and he hasn't complained once.

Not. once.

I've been documenting his progress on Facebook with a picture every day since day 5. I didn't take one sooner than that because days 1 through 4 were just "normal" days. I wanted to get shots of the action, so I waited until things got interesting.

Behold day 5:
(the start of the fireworks)

I think he looks good with a beard. But kissing is definitely a different story when whiskers are involved. I'm not sure if I like that or not...


  1. I like the look of a 5 o'clock shadow but I'm not a huge fan of kissing when whiskers are involved either. It's so scratchy!

  2. I've heard of Movember, which is a conflation of Mustache and November. A bunch of my guy friends are growing mustaches for the month. Pretty silly.

  3. Mustache March; not Movember!
    Otherwise, there's no room for No-Shave November! :p

    Oh, and you're soooo owing me a hundred bucks at the end of this month. It's a miracle. I'll have done the impossible! Bwahahaha!


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