Thursday, September 23, 2010

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not?

It's easier to get over someone when you don't have to be with them everyday. That's what I'm discovering. If I never had to see him again, I would be fine. Eventually. But when this week is over I wonder how things will go.

I don't want to be just friends with him. He can either date me or he can't. At least for a long while. And I wonder if I should even talk to him after this week is over because what if this week he's realized that he really doesn't want to date me?

You know, he was just being so nice to me last weekend before I cut him off for the week. I wonder if he misses me. I wonder how much he misses me. I mean, I miss him a lot still. While I'm busy I don't have to worry about him. While I'm busy my mind doesn't wander.

But I get home and I sit on my bed and I stare into space and that's when I get to thinking. Where is this going? Am I going to be more hurt when this week is over or will I be okay? Is he going to want me back or is he going to be okay with letting me go?

What will happen?

I wish I knew.

He's so nice. I still like him a lot, but I wonder if I should.


  1. Trying to get over someone with the small ounce of hope that you wont have to get over them and you'll be able to be together again is the worst. Relationships are never fun, there's always the question of what if? And there's always the wondering of how they actually feel. I hope all turns out for you cause I know from experience it's hard not knowing exactly how 'they' feel.

  2. sometimes it is better not knowing. I am at a rough place in the relationship with my boyfriend too and I just want to make it work.
    But sometimes it just isn't in my hands.


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