Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Little Brother Isn't Little Anymore

This is my little brother, TheKeeper.

I once dared him to jump out of a second story window and he did it. He was around seven I think.

He used to be littler than me. And then he turned twelve.

We're only two years apart.

His eyes are two different colors.

He basically thinks he's awesome.

He wants to become a youth pastor.

He's super good at math, and I'm super not.

We can have entire conversations in movie quotes.

He always makes me laugh.

I love spending time with him. But we never spend enough time together.

He has some of the best friends ever. It's like having extra little extremely witty brothers that aren't actually related to me. 

Oh brother, this is your last year of high school. And then you are going to graduate. You will be almost all grown up, and at 6'2" I don't know how much more you can actually grow. Thanks for letting me take your senior pictures. 

Love you bunches
Your BIG Sister :) 


  1. This is awesome! I'm always so glad to see brothers and sisters who are close, particularly since my brother and I are not and will probably never be. What a fabulous tribute to your brother. And amazing pictures as well.

  2. Wonderful. I love you both so much! ~Aunt Cyndi

  3. Aww that's so nice.

    Also, about time you posted something. I missed you! :(


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