Friday, June 11, 2010

Someone Pass Me The H2O Before I Die of Exhaustion

It's Thursday morning, I lazily woke up around 10:30 because not having a job and staying up until 1 in the morning will do that to you. I knew it was my last day of freedom. I knew it was going to be busy. But I'm a professional procrastinator. A lackadaisical lazy-face. Why rush in the mornings, anyway? I mean, I'm barely awake, groggy, and still warm under the covers. There's no reason to change that sooner rather than later. I loves me some sleeps, you know. I'm a college kid, so of course I catch the Zs like a pro, but don't you? 

Anyways, I finally dragged my unwilling to start the day butt out of bed and lounged around the house talking with my mother in the kitchen while we tried desperately to figure out what we should eat since both of our stomachs believed that our respective throats were, in fact, cut. 

I had leftover chicken tacos and she had leftover Spanish rice and some home-made hamburger helper dish that looked positively revolting, but I'm biased towards anything that even remotely resembles hamburger helper. To each her own. 

Then around 12:30 I hopped online to check in the boyo who I seemingly am attached to at the hip, since we are often everywhere together. Our family and friends have even combined our names together, not unlike how we refer to Brad and Angelina, you know? Matalie, they call us. But you know, they're just jealous that they aren't entirely as awesome as we are, it's true. 

At 3 o'clock Prince and I drove out for a mutual friend's graduation party. What a life to be explored after the graduation of high school! And we talked and talked and talked with friends that I haven't seen all school year who are near and dear to my tired little heart. I was sad to leave them when time came, but I'll see them either tomorrow or Saturday because they too are camp staff and can't escape me whether they wanted to or not. They don't. :) 

Six thirty rolled around and we met my parental units at the new Texas Roadhouse for barbecued supper of sorts. Absolutely delicious food. Absolutely. Prince-y had a chicken fried steak, I had BBQ pulled pork, my mom and dad both got ribs with pulled pork and BBQ chicken respectively. It was really good food. They play country music, the waiters and waitresses line dance for you, they serve peanuts to snack on so nutshells cover the floor, and I got to play with crayons while filling in all the activities on the sheet of paper they bring to the table for small children. 

I'm super duper awesome, I know. 

It's really loud in the restaurant too, which isn't always a bad thing, but it sure makes it hard to hear. And I don't know what it was about today, but everybody and their brother was having a birthday it seemed. So of course the servers would yell and sing and dance for every birthday and it seems they couldn't go more than a couple of minutes without going through birthday withdraws and therefore belting out in song and dance about someone or another's wonderful birthday. It was nice at first, but got pretty old pretty fast. 

I'd go back on a day when there weren't so many birthdays. 

After thanking Dad and Mom for paying for dinner and saying goodbye in the parking lot, Prince and I waddled to my car and headed to Jack's house. I laid on Prince's chest while he played with my hair and he watched Jack and his girlfriend play Little Big Planet while I pretended to fall asleep.

 (Was that sentence long enough for you? I'm tired, can you tell?) 

At 10:00 we bid them farewell since tomorrow we are supposed to awake bright and early for work. I drove Prince-y home so he could finish packing for camp and then I arrived home to do the same thing. 

My jungle bedroom was filled with unnecessary tote piles and cardboard boxes that are simply ubiquitous in meaning. I opened up our storage compartment underneath our landing. My room is in the basement of our split level entry house if that clears anything up for you. Ahem. And then I went to town. 

I pulled out all the stuff I wanted to take to camp with me and put it outside my room on the floor of the family room. Then I pulled out boxes from under the landing, put away suitcases that had been out since I moved home for Moscow, and replaced certain boxes before I combine elements from different boxes, emptied another box and placed all the full ones back in the storage compartment. 

I'm just tired reading that sentence. 

By the time the whole ordeal was over, I'd repacked the box I'd earlier emptied with necessary items for camp life, packed my duffel bag with clothing items, removed the unnecessary road blockage from my jungle room (who knew my carpet was blue?), and chatted with Prince online before he retired to checking his eyelids for cracks. 

I should be sleeping, too, but I wanted to just pop in and bid you farewell for a few days, since I don't know when I'll be back here. Trust me when I tell you that I'm not disappearing for the entire summer, but my activity level will be way down. Poop. I know right? 

Seven o'clock will come super fast and my eyelids are in need of toothpicks to stay open. My poor body is tired, tired, tired, but on the bright side I will be starting work, and we all know what work means. 


And we could all use more of that. AmIright? Right! 


  1. Just reading about that day made me tired.

    And yes, money is good for many things!

    Good luck today and hopefully we'll hear from you soon!

  2. Matalie is a term of endearment, woman! You take it with pride, gosh-dern-it!

  3. yummmmmm - chicken friend steak. Haven't had it in YEARS! They don't "do" that here. Have a wonderful summer and make lots of money - cause yeah, we could all use some more right about now.

  4. Wow. That sounds exhausting. Texas Roadhouse is pretty amazing though, I eat there all the time. :)

    I hope you're having fun at camp, and if you need inspiration for a post (though I'm sure you won't) I gave you a silly little blog award you can check out when you get the chance. (I made you runner-up because I wasn't sure if you'd ever even get to see it because of camp life. Hope that's okay!)


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