Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've Been A Bit Of A Night Owl Lately

I seem to be super busy these days, and I haven't even started working yet! I just always am doing something, and I love it that way! Today I made a rhubarb pie all by myself. Mom supervised and helped when I needed her to, but mostly I did all the work.

I've spent a lot of time out of the house wreaking havoc, causing chaos, and being generally disruptive in a superbly teenage fashion. My computer time usually starts around midnight or so, after all of my running around is officially finished and I'm still unwinding from my aforementioned errands. 

Then, I get on Blogger and I peruse through the blogs I follow, check to see what the Blog of Note is today, Facebook to my hearts content and ponder writing a blog post about the days events while I stare at the blank box I'm suppose to type my blog post in. Eventually I give up trying to be creative and I leave the posting for another day when I potentially will have something more interesting to share.

Today, I still have nothing.


I think I should have a lot to say on the subject of summer since I've been here and there and everywhere, but it's all mundane ubiquitous events that no one and their mother would enjoy reading about, so I just don't write anything. And then I feel guilty about not saying anything about my day, but I really have no idea what to tell you!

And it's not even like I can blame it on the weather because as far as I'm concerned summer hasn't even arrived yet! I don't know about the state that you live in (denial, perhaps?) but here in Idaho it's been downright dreary. Rainy, windy, maybe partially cloudy if you're lucky, but mostly overcast and cold. Since I've been home from school I've worn shorts once.


What is wrong with mother nature? Is she sick?

Anyway, tomorrow I'm watching Avatar with Prince Charming on Blu-ray. He's never seen it before, but I watched it in IMAX 3D so now nothing will compare and I will always be disappointed. Oh well. I still enjoy the movie, even if the story is predictable. Whatever.

Friday I move off to camp. Prince Charming got promoted to being Day Camp Director so now instead of my co-worker he will be my boss. It'll be good for him. It'll mature him. I'm excited for him. I just hope the weather gets nicer sooner rather than later so I can feel like maybe it could potentially be summertime in the Pacific Northwest.

Oh how I miss me some good sunshine. I need a tan. My legs are the Pillsbury Dough Boy!


  1. No Mother Nature isn't sick - she's just decided to start summer extra early on the East Coast. Do you what you can to coax her back your way for a bit, would ya?

  2. I too have nothing to write about. Blah. I feel blog lazy, thought I'm keeping pretty busy.

  3. I just read your blog post from the bottom up. Why? Because I can. Thought I'd let 'cha know. xD


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