Monday, May 17, 2010

San Diego Day 1

I'm at my grandmother's house in California. I was catching up on blogs reading about all the latest drama, including the 7 yr old girls dancing to Single Ladies in slutty outfits. If you haven't heard about it, Google it for more information. It's horrifying that parents think it's okay to dress your 7 yr up as a skanky ho and let her gyrate her hips to funky Beyonce music. I'm disgusted.

A little more disgusted than getting mud in a cut and a little less disgusted than when I think about the 40 yr old mothers who are obsessed with Twilight. Yuck.

Anywho, my flight was really ridiculously uneventful. I drew a model in a magazine in my sketchbook and played Tetris while listening to Owl City and drinking Ginger Ale. I always drink Ginger Ale on flights. It calms my stomach. I've never been airsick, because well, I've been flying basically since I can remember, but Ginger Ale has always been my drink of choice to just calm the nerves. Whatever little nerves I have. And it always works. Ginger Ale hasn't failed me yet.

My cousin and I stuck to each other like glue until she left Oma's to go sleep in her own bed. She could've stayed here, but she opted for a comfy mattress instead of a fluffy futon. I don't blame her, but that futon seriously isn't that bad. It's way better than the awful hide-a-bed that used to be in the den.

The bar really thought that it needed to gouge into your shoulders while you slept so that you would wake up achy and sore with a kink in your neck. How positively thoughtful of that awful bar, wouldn't you say?

But tomorrow I should wake up rejuvenated with no kinks in my neck ready to face the day. We're painting tomorrow. Landscapes with acrylic paint. It should make for an interesting time, experimenting with painting scenes I've never attempted before. I'm up for the challenge though. I do love a good challenge.

The only thing that's missing is Prince Charming. I need a hug right now, in the worst way!


  1. Beyonce. Biance reminds me too much of Bianca from Othello, and she was nice. Much better than the singer of Single Ladies. Just sayin'.

    As for ginger ale, I always drink that on flights, too! Hah.

    And I do hope you have fun with the painting with your oma. <3

  2. I know how the needing a hug thing goes! I feel like I physically crave them sometimes, haha.

    Good luck with the painting, that sounds like fun! :)

  3. Upon viewing the aforementioned video of the youngin' dancers and from the perspective of a fellow-past-dancer. It should be mentioned that parents do not actually get to see what the dance looks like until recital night, like everyone else.

    In my dance recital days my parents never saw the dances we did. Maybe little bits and pieces and that's a big *maybe*. To blame the parents I don't think is necessarily right.

    Place the blame where it belongs - the dance instructors. And I have no idea where those girls are from, but we never did anything like that in my dancing days - nor did our jazz team which is what I'm assuming they're calling that dance.

    But on the video itself, I don't get why people say it's good. I mean to a certain degree individual girls did do some the moves pretty well, but as a whole performance they weren't on-beat together. Which makes it sloppily done, look spastic, and out of place. They have nothing to shake so the fact they were trying to shake was sad... and more than that, still is the fact the dance didn't look good at all. It was pretty much a huge fail - from a dancer's eyes.

    From a human's eyes that's a whole other story. That's a dance I could see being executed well from a teenage dance team. Such as our jazz team had been, they were good. As a whole the dance wasn't that raunchy, the spins, fan-kicks, and illusions are very common. But the fact they were like 6-10 was awkward.

  4. Oh how exciting. I would love to visit California too someday. I heard it must be very cool to stroll around on the beach.
    Aw, I just love aqurilic paint. Used to do it lot more when I was younger. I bet it was a fun experience.


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