Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy Day

My mom hates having her picture taken.

She always has answers - even if they're not the ones I was looking for or wanted to hear.

She's always been there for me 100% of the time.

My mom was built to be a mom. Everyone always comments on how motherly she is.

My friends adopted her as honorary mom. So have all my brother's friends.

She can bake an apple pie that will knock your socks off and make them fly around the room. 

She was the best nurse when we were sick, and she shared her barf bucket with us when we were that kind of sick. 

She doesn't like cats. Hates them actually

But she loves, loves, loves to fish. Dad says he created a monster. 

My mom didn't drink coffee until her mother-in-law tricked her into it with tasty flavored creamers. Now she drinks it everyday and she drinks it black.

She still hates mustard. Except for onetime that my dad thinks otherwise.

My mom was a goody two shoes with a slightly rebellious side. She had to be slightly rebellious because otherwise I wouldn't know how she ended up with my dad. 

When she was six years old she walked home from school because she didn't like her substitute teacher. 

She used to get in trouble for combing her hair during class. 

My mom is a mom to four kids - that's no secret around here. And she and my dad have raised us all the best they know how.

We were taught to ask questions. Don't take things at face value - find out why it's that way. 

I don't like rules that I don't know why they're there. If they make sense, that's fine. If they don't, they drive me nuts and I don't want to follow them. I got that from my momma. 

She taught us to love Jesus and prayed before bed with us when we were little.

She taught us to bake. Cakes, cookies, pies, we loved being in the kitchen. (If only to steel the dough.)

My mom taught me to hold my head up high and be myself, even when being myself meant being different than everyone else. 

She taught us to have morals. She taught us to have values. 

She taught us to learn the other side of the story so we could argue our points more effectively when we came across opposition.

Throughout our lives she has backed us up in whatever we do. Gymnastics, Track and Field, Soccer, Attempting to Ride a Unicycle, Drawing, Mathematics, Painting our fingernails, she's been there for it all. 

My mom is a beautiful, strong woman of God. She's modeled what a good mother should look like and she's modeled what a good wife should look like.

And most of all, she's always loved all of us kids through the good, bad and ugly moments of life. I love you mom :)


  1. Holy cow you look a lot like your Mom!

    Oh and I love apple pie so the next time she bakes some, feel free to send some to me. :P

  2. First family picture of yours I've been in. That was weird..

  3. My friends all loved my mom too! They still can't really believe how nice she is.
    Yay for moms!

  4. She sounds fantastic... and any woman who bakes a mean apple pie AND drinks her coffee black is a woman after my own heart.

  5. What a great Mother's Day blog. Can hardly wait till Father's Day. By the way, I don't remember tricking your mom into drinking coffee but then I wouldn't put it past me to have done that so I won't dispute it.

  6. Your mom started mothering me when she was 8 years old. She let me hang on her because my love language is physical touch, even when her friends told her to tell me to bug off, and she held my "boney butt" in her lap. She drove me everywhere once she got her license, especially to go get pizza. She got me out of school early all the time so we could go do something fun, especially if it was going home to bake something yummy. She let me borrow her clothes without complaint. She knew that milkshakes for dinner was appropriate after going to the dentist or getting my braces adjusted. She laughs at everything and can always make me feel better. My sister, my hero. She was born to be a mom. You are blessed to have her. And lucky I'm sharing her with you! ;)

  7. What a beautiful tribute to your mom!! She sounds wonderful!


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