Monday, April 5, 2010

World Domination With Coffee? Sign Me Up!

I worked today. And so many many people are glad that I am there. It's nice to feel loved and wanted and welcomed. It's very nice indeed.

But today the espresso machine was throwing a total fit because apparently it didn't have a good Easter holiday and really didn't want to go to work on Monday. And by throwing a total fit I mean it decided that the single shot cambrio really would much rather jump out of the machine and spew hot water and coffee grounds all over the counter and in drinks and on Texas and me.

(Texas is my code name for the girl I worked with today, because she's awesome and from Texas.)

We fought the single shooter all shift. It was very cranky and crabby and I'm quite certain it would have much rather been napping than making coffee. So while in use we had to pull it either very tight or hold it in place. Inconvenient if you ask me.

On the plus side I'm getting faster at making coffee. I was super star awesome amazing fast when it was Java because I knew how all the drinks went together, I was used the machine, and I had my own rhythm. But let me tell you, trying to readjust to new drinks and a new way of steaming milk has gotten me a little behind in the speed department. 

However, that is quickly being remedied. As well as my milk steaming skills - I'm honing them in. Before long I will be the best barista ever - again. And it will be amazing. Seriously.

When I worked with The Fiery Redhead we talked about how there should be Barista Olympics and that if we were a team we would totally win. Well, I still believe that to be true - and working with Texas, I think she could join our team of Awesome. 

We just need to dump the single shot because he might get angry with life for some unknown reason and foil our plans of world coffee domination, you know?


  1. omg, i bought fell in the floor when reading this. Ha! too too funny!

    If they Coffee Tasting events in my town like they do Wine Tasting... I would be a certified PRO!

  2. I'm glad that the whole job thing totally got resolved, but it sucks that you had to fight the single shot all day. But at least you survived and came out on top, right? :) Haha

  3. oh lady, this brings back the days of being a barista at starbucks... let me tell you i can still steam milk like its nobody's business!! lol...


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