Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things You Wanted To Know

Well, I really thought that I should maybe type some words instead of just shoving a few pictures down your throats and calling it good. Pictures are nice, but I usually enjoy when there is wordage going along with the pictures....so that last post?

That was the first time I think I've ever just posted a picture.

(It was weird.)

But then I kept on wondering what I should type? I don't have any funny stories at my disposal right now, but as I was hopping along through the blogosphere it occurred to me.

10 Lesser Known Things About Natalie (in blog world):

1. My shoes can be from size 4.5 to 6. I can shop in the little girl's section ;) But sometimes I have to go up to a 7 because the 6 won't fit right. That's usually for athletic shoes though, and they're always just a little too big.

2. I fight back. I grew up with two brothers and in high school a majority of my friends were guys. I still get along better with guys - but they know not to mess with me lest I break their ribs. 

3. I actually broke my dad's rib. We were wrestling and he stood up. I kicked forward with no intention to actually make contact, but he moved back at the absolute right time. He didn't go get it checked out, but a year later I think it was he got a bone scan that showed for sure the bone had been busted at one point in time.

4. I'm picky about the necklines on my shirts. I don't like to be too revealing, so I tend to shy away from low necklines. They just make me uncomfortable.

5. I kind of wish I wore more jewelry. Sometimes I get in this mood where I'll want to put on some rings and a necklace, so I break out my jewelry box and lose all my motivation. Some of my stuff I just feel like is too fancy for everyday wear, but I really have no reason to dress up often. I also like to admire jewelry I find online - usually handmade stuff - and I want to buy it, but then I don't. I hope secretly that someone will be psychic and just know I want it and buy it for me. That never happens though. Shocker.

6. I kind of want a tattoo. I have for a while, but I don't want to just willy nilly get one, you know? I want to get one that's meaningful and I want it in a place that's not really visible except if I want you to see it. But so far I haven't been gutsy enough to get one, and also I think my dad would probably kill me. He already doesn't like my nose piercing ;)

7. Every time I go back to visit San Diego, I like it more and more. I always thought I'd be a Wyoming girl, or at least just some where out in the country. I still believe there's a part of me that will forever belong out on the range underneath the moon on the back of a horse, but I can kinda see myself in a city too. I think I'd have to live out in a suburb though to maintain my sanity. But it will be interesting to see where I end up when I'm older. I don't want to stay in Idaho forever. 

8. I love losing my voice. Whenever I spend a lot of time somewhere that requires a lot of screaming I secretly hope my voice will leave me for a little while.

9. When I was little, me and the neighbor kids would all get ridiculously excited about the ice cream truck that would drive around the neighborhood. We'd run inside to get money from mom and then back out to the ice cream truck. I never ever knew what I wanted when I got there though. Ever. I'm still almost always the last one to order when we go out to restaurants as well. 

10. You know yourself best, but trying to come up with ten things is a lot harder than you think it would be when you start with number one. Or is that just me? I am kinda weird after all...


  1. As for #4, I'm kind of a touch on the busty side so sometimes I have issues and I work in an environment that is 99% guys and I don't enjoy being stared at so sometimes I have issues. I don't mind a teeny-tiny bit of cleavage, but too much makes me uncomfortable. Nothing wrong with having a great rack but I don't want mine hanging out! lol

    #6 - This one is tricky. I have two tattoos with plans for a third. The thing I have found is that if you like tattoos in general as a way to remember a time period in your life or something symbolic, you will like the tattoo no matter what. But if you're not prepared to have it for the rest of your life, don't get it. There are ways to get rid of tattoos but they're expensive, hurt and are time consuming. But if you do decide, good luck! It hurts, but it's not that bad, it's a tolerable pain. :)

    I actually did a post listing 10 things about me for Eyegirl (guest post), so it's a nice coincidence you did this!

    Ok, I have written a short novel as a comment. I will stop now. :P

  2. Love the ten thigs about you. Number 9 is the same here too and I want a tattoo too. I ust have to save up some money.

  3. I'm the same way with having a lot more guy friends. I love guy friends, they're so much more real and less drama-causing than most girls, you know?

    I'm picky about my necklines, too. Looking good at the price of being self-conscious all night doesn't work for me.

    That's funny you would mention wanting a tattoo. I've been thinking that I want one, too. Of course, I'm only sixteen, so I don't know how I'll feel later XD I definitely don't want one right now, but I do kind of want one...I'm pretty sure my parents would frown upon it as well XD



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