Thursday, April 15, 2010

Because Dad Told Me I Needed To Post Something New

Sooo I've been pretty busy lately. I have a bunch of projects for school and tests to take and shifts to work. I can't believe there's only a month of school left. Actually there are 32 days until Finals Week, I believe. That's both good and bad.

Mostly because I'm just ready for the semester to be over, but in order to get there I have to wade through a lot of stuff. I get one thing done and there are at least three more waiting to be finished! Like today, for example. I turned in my paperwork to petition to get into the college of ed, but I still have a gallery review to write, a Chuck Close drawing to imitate, a sculpture interpretation of a drawing to start, an essay about what drawing a human figure means to me and a stats sheet to fill out.

And since I was gone last weekend for the funeral I do have some work to make up. And now I'm going to be gone this weekend for my cousin's wedding! Talk about a range of emotions. It's a good thing I don't have anything to do next weekend, or I'd never finish all this school work!!

Tonight I'm at home, listening to my siblings bicker about a video game. I just polished off a bowl of ice cream. Delish. The only thing missing is Prince ;)

Tomorrow Dad said Reveille was o'dark thirty. I don't know if I really want to get up that early, but I did get to sleep in today because I didn't have class until 12:30. But I do like the anticipation of leaving early in the morning. There's something to be enjoyed about the fast paced grogginess that is early morning traveling. You're tired, but excited. Wide eyes held open with toothpicks. I just love it. Don't you? 

And because I love you all so much, here are some pictures from the Memorial Service. It was sad, but happy too, so the pictures are all smiley. It was good to sit and share memories and update family that I don't see a lot about my life. 

It's weird though, because I don't see it everyday like my family down in California, but today I had to tell one of my teachers that I had been out of town for a funeral and I caught my voice cracking a little bit. 

I still have a hard time believing that it actually happened, you know? 

Anyway, here are the pictures! :) 

(all the cousins and their kiddos)

(the girl grandkids)

(the boy grandkids)

(L to R: DP, TheMechanic, TheKeeper, and me)

(my favorite picture. my cousin is 22 and never to old to sit on daddy's lap)


  1. I feel you. I think we've agreed that we both have too much school work. Haha. I can't get any blogging done during the week anymore. I've noticed for the past month I've really only written weekend posts. Oh well.

  2. I had a teacher like the one you described. She was teaching my Intro Anthropology class. All her power points were probably from a disk she received with the teacher's edition of our book, and whenever anyone asked a question, she told us to look it up in the book.
    The only thing she talked about with any enthusiasm was sea turtles. I'm pretty sure Anthropology wasn't her area of expertise. I have no idea why she was teaching that class when she was obviously a marine biologist. I got a C in that class, and Anthropology was my major! Appalling. I learned nothing.

  3. I know that this is entirely not the point of this blog post, but I. Love. Chuck. Close. We spent an one class studying his art in my AP Art History class in high school and it was pretty much the happiest day of that class ever. You must post a picture of your imitation!

    As for everything else -- the school year coming to a close is always nice, but the massive amount of schoolwork is tough. I'm sorry you're having to play catch up, especially after the funeral. But at least there's a wedding coming up to cheer you up. And the photos? Awesome. The last one is really adorable. Also, I wish I could rock that hat like you do. I love those hats, but I look like the biggest poser wearing them. :(

  4. Hey, you have a new background! It's cute!

    Sounds like you have a pretty hectic few weeks ago but once it's over, it will be behind you and you can move forward.


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